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  • flapane Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    yeah that's hilarious and frustrating, we are thinking about what to do in the next days...
    He is the Apple ceritifed technican.
    Anyway it happens under Parallels and XP SP2

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    So I'm not sure if my problem is the same... I just noticed about 20 mins ago that my trackpad stopped working. I plugged in an external USB mouse, and after reading through this thread, the trackpad is working now. Also, a couple of days ago, the trackpad wouldn't recognize right-clicking (tapping with two fingers on the trackpad) for at least half an hour (when I finally gave up), even after a restart. It has since started working again, however.

    I haven't had any problems (that I've noticed) with my keyboard, though. After reading through this thread, I have a bad feeling that I'm going to have to wait for the problem to get much worse and more frequent before I can get Apple to do anything about it. Sigh...
  • mi6007 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Applied the keyboard patch.
    working fine for 2 days.
    keyboard stops working when macbook pro is NOT plug into power.
    When it is plug in not a single problem.
    Very Strange...
    Could it be battery problem?
  • Marcellus Siegburg Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the problem very often. It occurs at any time. Sometimes when I startup my keyboard and trackpad strikes. Somtimes it strikes, while the system is runnig. Sometimes it is helpful to restart, to work on, to wait or to set the system into standby. But very often nothing helps but keeping the computer off and wait. After some seconds, minutes, hours it is working again. The problem occurs randomly and it seems to me that there is no resulution of the prolem. I loaded the update. I think I had the Problem even with Tiger (10.4) but even in Leopard (10.5) it is not better and I think it is getting worse every day.
  • rosenz Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I had a similar problem today. My keyboard and trackpad completely froze after an "update" of some sort today. I figured out a solution:
  • jdcskc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    After feeling like I was losing my mind for the better part of the day, I at least feel oddly comforted that I'm not either the most unlucky person in the world or the least observant--missing something really obvious. My brand-new MBP is out of the box less than 24 hours and nothing on the keyboard works except the "Delete" and the "Esc" keys. The trackpad works fine. I've run the "Apple Hardware Test," it says everything's just fine. I tried to install the MacBookPro keyboard patch that's supposed to fix it, but I get the message that my computer doesn't need it! Just as well, I suppose, I can't install anything, because once I get past the initial login password that I type, when the freeze occurs, I can't type in my administrative password to install any kind of update anyway!

    This is the worse thing I've ever experienced with a computer, and, joking aside, reading this thread has scared me to death. What have I just purchased???
  • JJ81 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Can anyone confirm that this 'rollback' fix actually solves the freezing when not plugged in problem which was caused by the Feb 19 keyboard firmware update?
  • Rod Hagen Level 7 Level 7 (31,985 points)
    deleted response - didn't notice how ancient this post was.

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  • Rod Hagen Level 7 Level 7 (31,985 points)
    Hi jdskc and welcome to the boards,

    With a brand new MBP this could well be a hardware problem (and you will obviously have complete warranty coverage if it is) , but you don't tell us whether you have been updating from an older Mac system. Is it possible that you have brought over any older drivers for input devices of one kind or another from earlier mac systems using Migration assistant or the like?


  • Rod Hagen Level 7 Level 7 (31,985 points)
    Personally I reckon this thread should be locked for good.

    It deals with a wide variety of issues ranging over a long period of time, a wide range of models, and a wide variety of hardware platforms.. I would suggest that people simply post new threads if they have keyboard problems, rather than getting involved in a confusing discussion of a host of very different issues on a wide range of different computers that simply share the same name, using a wide range of different versions of the OS.

    Time this thread was locked to prevent confusion, IMHO.


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