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There have been a few threads in the past, but the old answers aren't working for this problem.

Apparently there have been a number of people in the WDC area that have purchased in the past three days where the EDGE network does not work. More over, the EDGE indicator has never come on. There is no way to setup voice mail, etc.

I have had the SIM card replaced twice at the AT&T location. It does not resolve the issue.

I have had the apple store replace the phone. It does not resolve the issue.

I have been on the phone with the AT&T people again, and they have indicated there are a few of us with this problem, and its increasing.

I'll keep posting any progress to this thread.

PowerBook G4 12 VGA, Mac OS X (10.3.8)
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    I just got an iPhone from the Apple.com, live in the DC area, and also have not been able to connect to the Edge network. Thanks for starting this thread--I'll monitor the situation carefully.
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    I picked up my iphone on Wednesday and all evening was on the phone with AT&T because I thought I had to enable EDGE some how because it never showed up. They couldn't figure it out. I work west in gainsville and notice that once I got out there and shut my phone off then turned it back on BAM there is the little "E" I have been hearing about. It worked fine all day today and as soon as I get home (fairfax county) the "E" is gone. I thought that there was just a dark cloud over my house but apparently its over all of the DC area.
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    FWIW, I called Apple support this afternoon, and the person I talked to said the AT&T servers for the DC area were most likely cause for the DC Edge problem. I haven't tried calling AT&T yet. My colleague who sits near me said she can connect to the internet via Edge with her iPhone that she purchased in June.

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    When I talked with at&t, they last said they had tried the old standby of removing my data package and reinstalling it. They seemed to really have no idea what the problem could be.

    For those of us who just purchased the phone recently and it has never worked, im suspecting the problem is slightly different than those where it has worked but its stopping.

    Will update as I hear anything

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    ok, so here it is. The much loved and desired little "e" icon appeared tonight and there it was - workong briefly
    it has since disappeared so i will miss it, but i know it is something that is at least possible.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed that this is something that will be resolved soonish.
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    update 2: it is actually working just fine now . I just didnt know the edge indicator goes off when wifi goes on.