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I don't know if it only annoys me but I have many entries on my OS X system that have only one completed field in the "Address Book" for instant messenger. These entries sync with the phone and only clutter up my contacts until Apple and AT&T will allow iChat to run as a local application.

Does anyone know a way to filter out these when I sync so I can reduce the unused entries?


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    You can create an Address Book Group and place all contacts in this Group that you want synced with the iPhone only. Under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences, select Selected Groups under Sync Address Book Contacts and then select this Group only.
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    I had thought of that but do I want to check one or two boxes or spend hours on this. Giving the phone, iChat, would make the whole issue moot.

    Thanks for the response.

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    Not sure why the cluttered contacts should be a problem -- I have about a thousand contacts and have no problem with clutter, but then I use the Favorites most often, and use groups to have smaller pools of contacts to look through as needed.

    But to do what you wantm, it would take you about two minutes if you don't have any groups set up yet in your Address Book.

    1. Create two Groups -- one for all your contacts that have only IM info, and one for the rest. At the end, you'll choose to sync only the non IM-only group. I'll call the two groups "Regular" and "IM-only" but you can of course name them anything you like.

    2. Create two Smart Groups. For the first, which I'll call "IM-only-smart", set two conditions: "IM Service .... is set" and "Address .... is not set." I chose Address because it's something your IM only contacts will NOT have. For the second, set one condition, "Phone .... is set", or add another condition like "Email .... is set", and have it use "any" condition rather than "all". Do this so that those contacts that have a phone number, or an email (some of them may have only one or the other), will be included. If you have any contacts that have only a mailing address, then you can set that condition as well.

    3. Click on the Smart Group "IM-only-smart", which now will display only the contacts that have IM only. Select all of them and drag them to the "IM-only" group. Click on the other Smart Group, select all, and drag them to the "Regular" group.

    4. In iTunes, select to sync only the "Regular" group, and Sync.

    That's all. When you add contacts that have IM only, it'll show up highlighted in your IM-only-smart smart group (and the smart group itself will turn blue to show that you have new entries in that smart group, and you can drag it into the IM-only group. Likewise for the other smart group.

    For what it's worth, I've been doing this with companies, keeping a smart group of companies so that I'll have a group on the phone that lists only those contacts that have companies assigned to them. That way I have a much smaller pool of contacts to look through if I remember only the company name and not the person's name. Just a workaround until a search function becomes enabled.
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    Spend hours?

    Don't know why you believe it would take so long to create such an Address Book Group.

    Do you create and use an iTunes Playlist or Playlists when transferring music to the iPhone? If so, did or does this take you hours?
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    Wow! That was slick. I never used the SMART groups. Now if you could sync the SMART groups, it would be dynamic instead of periodically dragging the contents from SMART group to the group which iTunes will allow you to sync with the phone.

    Thank you for the help.

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    Hey Bruce,

    Yeah, it would be nice if smart groups would sync. Actually, for what you wanted to do, you don't even have to create the group for IM-only, since you're not using it. But I thought it cleaner to do it.

    One thing: you can drag the entire smart group's contacts when a new one shows up, rather than just the new ones, since it doesn't duplicate the entries anyway. And once IM is native, you'll probably just sync all your contacts anyway.

    Also, remember that contacts can live in more than one group. That's why I'm able to have a "companies" group that has all entries that have a company, but most if not all of those entries are also in one or more other groups (personal, clients, medical, etc.). I just use the groups to keep the total number smaller when I'm looking for a particular contact, at least until search becomes available.