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Has anyone experienced this problem:

1) I purchased 8 songs as new with the intention of converting them into ringtones on 9/13. I made sure that the ringtone icon existed in the Ringtone column for the song in the iTunes store before buying.

2) After successfully buying the songs, I was able to convert a few songs to ringtones without issue. However, I found that 4 songs did not allow me to. When double-clicking on the Ringtone icon for the song when in my Music library, I got the message:

"This song, 'Song Title', by Artist, cannot be made into a ringtone. This song is no longer available to be a ringtone" (not the exact text--close to this message)

So the question is, did I just purchase the song for nothing--i.e. false advertising within the iTunes store with that song?

Self-Built (IBM motherboard, Dual-Core Pentium), Windows Vista