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This is a 2nd problem I found while trying to create ringtones (separate from my previous post, "Unable to Create Ringones-Song No longer available for ringtone"

Here's what happens:

1) I purchased a song(s) with the intention of making them into/purchasing the ringtones for them. I made sure the song had a ringtone icon next to it in the Itunes store before I bought

2) I made sure my computer was re-authorized to play the songs, and was logged into iTunes/Apple

3) I double-clicked on the ringtone icon next to the song within my Music library. At this point, the ringtone customize/buy pane comes up at the bottom of the window (I'm like, 'Cool, here we go'). But then I am was asked to re-enter my Itunes/Apple password in a dialog box. So I do. Once I click the Login button, the dialog box goes away, and so does the Ringtone Customize/Buy pane at the bottom of the window (I'm like, 'This *****--what's the deal?').

I try this again and again, with the same outcome: Double-click the ringtone icon, asked to login, and then nothing happens---unable to customize my ringtone, or buy it.

Anybody have the same issues?

Self-Built (IBM motherboard, Dual-Core Pentium), Windows Vista