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Dear all,

I used to have a sort of wireless home network and I could print from PC Laptop to my printer attached to my desktop, without wires. Then my hard drive on my PC went poop, I bought a mac book, and when teh PC was repaired wanted to set up a wirless network so I can print from my MacBook wirelessly by communicationg through my desktop to my HP printer. I also wanted to share files wirelessly as before. I dont think it is anything to do with onebeaing a Mac and one being a PC, as my PC laptop no longer sees any network either. I tried to connected directly from the Macbook using teh Desktop PC's IP address-no joy. I made sure all file sharing options on both machines were turned on. I've tried tomake sure variouslt firewalls were turned off-What can I do next? PLease dont send me to another page on teh internet as I am so confused with these.

Kind Reagrds JP

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)