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  • thorno Level 1 Level 1
    yeah. hopefully it's fixed for my order.

    I still can't get myself to cancel it :P
  • A A P L Level 7 Level 7
    Hold on now, I've seen videos that are bad because the encoding was bad.
    That's one problem with video - it's not as cut 'n' dried as ripping CDs.
    With music, there's much more leeway than with video.
    While I'm on NO way saying all the problems are bad encoding, I am saying some of these likely are.

    That said, it's obvious there's some bad units, and it needs to get addressed.
  • ahecht Level 1 Level 1
    I've seen this problem on many other devices, and it has nothing to do with the AR coating. Many LCDs exhibit different off-axis behavior when a pixel is off compared to when the pixel is slightly on. Since viewing the movies in landscape mode is technically off-axis (these screens were designed for portrait mode), pixels that are actually off instead of slightly gray actually show up as lighter.

    This problem is common on things like palm pilots and WinCE devices. However, there is an easy software solution: just map any pixels with a brightness value of 0 (out of 256) to 1. It will slightly lower the overall constrast, but it will fix the problem. I had to do this with all the videos I viewed on my old Palm Tungsten E2, but once the black floor was bumped up, the problem was fixed.
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    And how, do you propose, we do this?
  • Kyle Hayes Level 1 Level 1
    Just got back from the Apple Store in the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, CA to get this issue "confirmed" by them. Luckily I was able to walk in without an appointment and a genius helped me out right away. I had set Heroes episode 2 to about 16 seconds in to the show where the problem was quite obvious.

    Steve, the genius, noticed that his direct halogen light in the store was making the issue appear less severe and took into the back room. About five minute later, he returned and did confirm that it had an obvious issue. Unfortunately, they did not have any in stock (no where in Orange County really) and he gave me his card instead and wrote on the back that it did indeed need to be swapped and the issue was verified.

    He told me that I could check with them on another day or if another Apple Store had them in stock that they would happily replace it.

    So it was rather funny when I began calling the other 4 stores in my area. One of them, Brea, CA, laughed and said "Irvine Spectrum already got a shipment of Touches?" I told him that actually I had bought it at Mission Viejo. He then proceeded to say that his store never received a first shipment of them.

    Finally I proceeded to find a store that really was willing to help me out in my time of need. The Apple store of Fashion Island in Newport Beach said they didn't have any in today, but to call back in the morning and if they had them in stock, they would be more than willing to put it on hold to get swap it out with mine (and of course the business card from the other store).

    Meanwhile, I cross my fingers and continue to enjoy the other nice things about this unit. I am going to be a trooper for as long as I can, because I trust that Apple will fix the issue and provide the best support I have always known and loved from them.
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    You are most likely right. I just flipped my Macbook on it's side and watched a little bit of a video and the blacks did the same thing as the iPod. So Firmware could fix this. Essentially all they have to do is make it so when the accelerometer detects that it's in landscape mode that the settings change. We need to get this out so they see it. You should try contacting some blogs like Gizmodo or whatever.
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    My iPod displays the behavior whether it is held in "landscape" or "portrait". It still looks better when viewing it off angle which doesn't seem right at all.

    I'm still skeptical this can be addressed in software but I guess we'll see. It would be nice if Apple would at least acknowledge it even if they don't have a 'fix' of any kind yet.
  • David Haigh Level 1 Level 1
    My black Macbook has exhibited this exact -ve black problem since I got it and has basically rendered DVD watching a non-starter. The blacks invert way too easily and the other colours wash out even slightly off axis. It's fine for normal use, but watching DVDs/Video with a lot of dark colours is hard work.

    Maybe I need to go and do a direct comparison in a local store to see if I have a "dud".
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    it should have that problem like i do on my ibook, well on my ibook (with its ****** matte screen), cant display any blacks without being completely drowned out in other backlighting sources. But the macbook should have corrected that problem with its superior glossy screen.
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    I have the same problem with my iphone. I took this picture from a Akon youtube video. I also watched the video on my pc just now and it is not a source video problem. So iphone has the same problems. I'd like to see others post the same thing. It's under featured videos. between 29 and 30 seconds into the video.

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    Since viewing the movies in landscape mode is technically off-axis (these screens were designed for portrait mode) ...

    That seems absurd. View angle is the angle formed between a line perpendicular to the plane of the screen & the eye. It doesn't matter if the screen or eye is rotated with relation to one another, only the angle they form.

    What you are suggesting is equivalent to saying that if we just tilted our heads 90° to the side, we would change an on-axis view to an off-axis one.
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    So that raises a point that all the reviewers aren't really considering. They are probably running all their comparison testing against the first batch of iPhones that they know had great displays. Now, can they run these comparisons against iPhones and Touches that were manufactured in equivalent weeks? That's the variable that they are missing. Maybe Apple dropped the higer-end screen when they dropped the iPhone prices?
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    Me too. For now all I'm doing is hoping apple doesn't rush too much to get the preorders shipped early. I'd rather have a late iPod than a messed iPod.

    Also, do any of you think that changing my engraving will cause apple to take longer to ship?
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    +1 I totally agree with you, they've changed ipods AND Iphones' screens a few weeks ago.
    Look at what a guy said on macrumors:


    +I purchased a second iPhone on Friday September 14th from the Apple store in Orlando, FL. When comparing it to my iPhone that I had purchased the day after launch day you could clearly see the difference. It had this same exact issue. The black areas almost looked blue because of the combination of the negative effect on the black areas. You guys know the story. But anyway, my main point is that this is not limited to the new touch's, it happens on the new iPhones too. I took my second iPhone back on Sunday and received a new one with the same issues. Store employee said there are two different screen manufacturers. They are kinda disorienting. I'm very unhappy with my second iPhone purchase.+
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    wc127233 wrote:
    Maybe Apple dropped the higher-end screen when they dropped the iPhone prices?

    That's exactly what they did.

    They waited until all the glorious reviews were written on the first batch of iPhones (praising the screen, etc.), waited for their '1 millionth' purchase, and then they skimp out with confidence that people will continue to purchase because the 'praising word' is already out.