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cmftblynumb Level 1 Level 1
I have converted a bunch of stuff to mp4 format, and itunes recognizes and plays it, and when I go to the options in the iphone it lets me check it to sync it. But when it syncs, it just kind of ignores it. I have gotten one mp4 to sync, the others just ignore syncing. The iphone syncs everything else, I can't understand it. Has anyone else had this problem?

Windows Vista
  • LagDaddy Level 1 Level 1
    I purchase 4 movies and they won't sync to my iphone. I have the selected on the video sync config page, and I've turned off all of my music syncing (just in case music was taking priority or something). My iphone has around 7+gb free/available. I have no idea why the video won't sync.

    When I first got the phone (9/14/07), and synced it the first time, I had selected a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and those went on and I could watch them, etc. but since yesterday (during one of my syncs), those were removed and now I can't get ANY videos to sync to the iphone.

    I'm getting ready to go on a trip soon, and I wanted to be able to watch some video on the flight.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm windowsXP Pro SP2, itunes
  • forlorn Level 1 Level 1
    I have a similar problem. Purchased video and movie from iTunes and tried to sync to iPhone and received the message " xx was not copied to the iPhone XX because is cannot be played on this iPhone." The files are "Protected MPEG-4 video file". I am able to download other MPEG-4 video files that are not protected.
  • cmftblynumb Level 1 Level 1
    Mine doesn't give any errors, it syncs fine, it shows as the video is checked, just not on the iphone... It is really annoying. I even purchsed a 40.00 program to be able to rip my owned dvds so I can keep a movie or 2 on my iphone, but no luck... all the movies I ripped for my ipod would sync but show some weird green artifacts... I have seen other people have posted that, so there are obviously some differences on the standards of the videos iphone and old ipod play, those videos play on my ipod fine, but iphone have green stuff on them... I just would like it to give me an error or something, it just doesn't sync and doesn't bother to tell me why... Can anyone help did anyone have this problem and figured out how to fix it?
  • cmftblynumb Level 1 Level 1
    mine used to do it too, and now it seems like it doens't bother, although I did get an episode of south park to sync.
  • LagDaddy Level 1 Level 1
    My video sync is suddenly working again.

    I had given up on the video issue ealier, and was just using it as a phone and for music. A few minutes ago, I just happened to set it in the cradle and it started syncing like normal. I got a message in iTunes that my phone had some debugging info for apple, and I ok'd sending that in. Then it started the full sync process and I glanced up and it was copying my new movies onto the phone. I have no idea why it is suddenly working, but I'm just going to keep hoping for the best.
  • outerwear4 Level 1 Level 1
    Help! I am having the same issue. Won't sync video (iTunes purchased or not) from iTunes. It is very frustrating! Have reinstalled iTunes and iPhone software. No luck. Any fixes?