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I went to update my little brothers ipod shuffle 2nd generation and when I pluged it on, itunes says "The iPod 'My iPod' cannot be updated. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable" Whats the problem and how can we fix it? It still plays the songs already on there, but I can't add new ones.

Compaq Presario, Windows XP
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    The exact same thing is happening to me now - i can only play the songs on it but i cant add new songs! How to FIX THIS??! Please help!

    And this especially ***** for me because earlier in the year i got my iPod (60GB)stolen!!
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    You'll have to restore it:


    IF that doesn't work, the next thing is to use the Reset Utility:

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    Good Morning together and hello from germany.
    At first, sorry about my bad english.

    I wondering, that so many people have the same problem with iPot shuffle.

    First time I had add any songs and ipot works. Than I want to update and change all songs, but it doesnt work.

    Yesterday I read and read all support themes and then I had do all the points of support help:
    1. restore and 2. reset utility.

    I'm very irritated, but my ipot still doesnt work.

    Is this a generelly product defect? I this ipot generation not well-engineered?

    Thank you for help.
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    amazingbolero wrote:

    Is this a generelly product defect? I this ipot generation not well-engineered?

    I'm sure the company line is - It's not a problem with the ipod, you're just inept, or your computer has problems.

    My answer - Not only is the shuffle poorly designed and tested (as evidenced by the huge numbers of questions added daily on this board), but the company is counting on the fact that you will give up on solving the problems and just let them keep your money.

    I bought a shuffle for my daughter's 15th birthday. Plugged it in the first time. iTunes said it was corrupted and needed to be restored. Clicked restore. 60 minutes later it was still restoring.

    I spent 8 hours working on it. 2.5 of them talking to some guy in India who spoke only tolerable English. He finally (after telling me multiple times, "It's not the ipod.") agreed the ipod needed replacing.

    The new one doesn't work either, but at least it had a setup screen appear when I first plugged it in, so it's one step closer to working...hooray. It still says iTunes detects a corrupted ipod.

    I'm SOOO tired of being told to reset/restart/restore the ipod. I'm so irritated by the number of times I've been told to disconnect/reconnect/"Now reconnect the ipod PROPERLY"...like it's not being recognized in iTunes because I don't know how to use a USB port. Reconnecting it never solves anything.

    My computer has ALL of the stated requirements. I'm not using a USB 1.1 nor one that's not connected directly to my motherboard. I'm not using an old version of iTunes - I didn't have iTunes before! And I have all of the current updates for all relevant software and drivers. This is not a Dell computer, either.

    A shuffle is a rip-off of money and time. From the evidence I've seen, even if you ever get it running, it will be less than a year on average before you have major issues, and the company will treat you like an idiot when you do.

    My time is too valuable to waste this way, but I can't STAND the thought of being ripped-off by a company that doesn't care.
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    Feel better now?

    I'd hazard a guess that you have drive and/or network conflict with your Shuffles. I've had three so far and they all work perfectly (I gave two away and they are on Windows machines now).

    Connect your ipod to a rear port on your computer and disconnect all other USB devices except your keyboard and mouse. If you are on a network, disconnect from it. Now assign your iPod a different drive letter (try something much higher, like M or P or Z).

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    Been through it!!!!!! Apple is corrupted thats whats corrupted!!!!!!!!!!!
    I returned mine twice???!!!
    Now I have one that can be read about 50% of the time. What a joke!!!
    Does Apple care - no way because there corrupted.
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    I will feel better when I don't feel swindled. Sorry. It's not your fault, and thanks for trying to help. I just hate being treated like an imbecile. I'm a Mechanical Engineer, and I don't have a problem with computers.

    It's a home stand alone computer. My only "network" is the internet.

    I've been using a USB on the back of my computer. The solution is nothing that simple.

    The only other thing plugged into a USB in the back of my computer right now is my printer. If by some miracle unplugging my printer solves the problem, I'll be shocked.

    Turning off applications on my computer and uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes doesn't do it either.
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    Ok...now after I've given my ipod a drive name, just like the instructions...now what do I do. Nothing has changed.
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    If your printer has slots for memory cards from cameras it may indeed be the problem. Disconnect it and reassign a new drive letter.
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    Did you disconnect the printer first and what drive letter did you change it to?