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I used Bootcamp, burned the drivers disk and then installed Vista. Vista worked fine though when I installed the Mac Driver Disk it killed any use to my wireless keyboard and mouse (using old Keyboard and Wacom Tablet to type this up). Also for some reason I can't toggel between MAC and PC Partitions whith the Control Button or Rename the PC Partition when I'm in my MAC OSX.

Any ideas?

iMac 24" Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • JSpirtos Level 1 Level 1
    OK, I found out that the keyboard/mouse problem was with Bluetooth. I now have both my items working and I even found out how to change the Vista Partitions name though I still can't figure out how to change that UGLY hard drive icon on my desktop. Any ideas?
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    Have the same problem - can you tell me how you fixed the problem please.


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    I'm dieing to know - please tell us what you did exactly!
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    I have them both works well in Vista Home premium. There is the tip:

    1. You need an wired keyboard and an wired mouse, or at least, an wired mouse.
    2. For the wireless mouse working in Vista, just click in the bluetooth icon in the right bottom of the screen, choose add a new device. Turn on your wireless mouse and and when you proceed finding bluetooth device, set up your mouse choosing don't use passkey. After all, windows will automatically install driver and you get your wireless mouse worked.
    3. The wireless keyboard needs a trick to install. Restart your mac in Mac OS. Remove this keyboard and reinstall it. When the mac tells you to type the passkey, write it down to a paper. Complete installing your keyboard and restart the mac in Vista.
    4. Similar to the mouse, install the wireless keyboard in Vista, but choose use the document passkey instead of the two other options. Type 8 digits you've got above. Now, you can have the keyboard driver installed and works.

    Attention: make sure whenever the mac want to find your keyboard, the light of this keyboard is always on (by pressing the power button few times).

    Hope this helps. Otherwise, mail to hailp@acb.com.vn.
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    I think that the wireless keyboard works under vista, at least (got bothered all the time using it with xp). During installation of vista today my keyboard got recognised and i could use it without any problems.
    Vista works well since then, only that my keyboard stopped working after installing the Apple Bootcamp Drivers off the Leopard Install DVD (as described in the bootcamp manual pdf).

    So i think, that there is something wrong with the drivers by apple included on the dvd.
    I was not able to fix this, e.g by reinstalling the original vista bluetooth drivers, but will report on it, as soon as i´ve made any progress on it.
  • David Klingl Level 1 Level 1
    I finally found out how to get the wireless keyboard to work in vista.

    Here is what i did:

    doubleklick the small bluethooth icon in the menu bar (bottom right)
    in the new window klick "add..." to add your device
    follow the steps to setup your device, press the power button on your keyboard while the assistant is searching for bluetooth devices
    when the assistant found your keyboard choose the automatic-key-option (first checkbox)
    your keyboard will the be added as a new device (this took a moment to finish)
    now select the keyboard from the devices list and klick properties
    cklick the services tab
    click the checkbox for the one service found (driver for keyboard and mouse, HID) and it will install
    finally click the accept button and you´re done

    Hope this works out for you as well.
    Greetings, dk