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Hi All

I read here a few posts regarding the 20 inch Ali Intel iMac LCD top to bottom
gradient problem. Sorry but it is a few compared to what must have sold and is being sold.

I have searched and searched around the net and have found no other stories on this problem other than the ones here of coarse. Oh I found a one about the lines on the 17 inch version and one regarding a left to right problem on a 24inch.

If this problem was/is as widespread as some folks here would have you believe then surely there would be peoples bad screen stories all over the net on Mac sites/forums. If they are out there then I cannot find them.

Makes me wonder why as some say Apple are deleting threads on this one :/

eMac COMBO, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Go back farther in this thread... posts are all over the place. The posts started right after the new models hit the stores in August. Returned a 24" personally 3 weeks ago and have avoided the 20" due to the gradient problem.

    Try the following sites...


    PS I've been following these posts since the return. Starting to see signs that indicate there may be good units out there and possibly that Apple has started addressing these isssues although not pubilcly.
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    Some people are reporting pronounced gradient and other problems with the new 20" displays while others are reporting that they have good displays, myself included in the latter category.

    After reading the never ending flood of posts on this issue, I have come to believe that the problems some are reporting are more of a quality control issue at the point of manufacture rather than a universal problem that affects all monitors.

    Still, Apple does need to address this problem much more openly and effectively than they have up to this point for those customers who have been adversely affected by the reported monitor problems.
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    Thanks for the links, still not finding loads of people complaining about the gradient issue though.

    Found this on following one of your links though


    Makes good reading for anybody thinking of buying...........