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Mark Block Level 2 (270 points)
My BMW iPod adapter stopped working this weekend after I ran a few OS Software Updates and did a sync with my iPod. (That could be a coincidence, as I tried three different iPods and none worked in the car.) It's this BMW product: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93879#4

The iPods will charge through the dock connector in the car, but they aren't recognized by the BMW audio system -- the iPod display does not show it to be connected (normally it would say "BMW: OK to disconnect"), and I can't choose it with the Mode button on the car's Stereo. It was working fine on Saturday, but not working on Sunday.

Anyone with experience on this? I don't trust the car dealer to know squat.

PowerBook Titanium 1GHz / Dual 2.5 G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Gim Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the _exact same problem_. It was working just fine and when i synced my ipod with my powerbook (after I updated the iTunes software), BMW won't recognize the ipod as it normally did. I have "Restore"d it and "Reset" it but the BMW radio still doesn't recognize my iPod.

    This has become EXTREMELY frustrating ordeal and it doesn't seem like Apple is not responding to such problem. I have been searching on the internet for solutions for past 5 days and nothing is there to help me out.

    Anyone with solutions?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • Gim Level 1 (0 points)
    I took it my BMW dealer and they updated my iPod adapter firmware and everything is back to normal. It was pretty simple. I guess.
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    Same problem here. Suddenly my iPod will only charge in my BMW but will not play or show the BMW letters on the screen, so I called BMW to discuss fixing this, and two people said they know nothing about it and have no fix!

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    I also have this issue with my BMW interface. The radio keeps displaying 9-99. The ipod no longer displays "BMW OK to disconnect". If I click on a song directly from the ipod it plays through the Radio but there is no more sync, can't control the ipod from the radio just the volume. The iPod is still getting charged. I also started having this problem after I did some OS updates to my iMac. The sad part is that I updated all 3 of my iPod (Ipod 40Gb, Ipod Mini 4Gb and iPod Video 30Gb). Now none of them work anymore. There is no way in the world that my BMW dealer will even know what I'm talking about. Some help would be great. Thanks
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    What did you tell your dealer to do? Maybe I could tell them the same thing and hope that someone would know.
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    OK So I don't know if this really fixed the problem but, what I did after I posted my problem I restored my 40Gb iPod. I tested it and still the same problem. So I decided to take a more drastic approach. I opened the trunk of my car and I unplugged the battery. I left it unplugged for about a minute or so and then plugged it back in. Needless to say the clock was reset on the radio. Once I fixed the time, I turned the radio on and pressed the mode button to see if the 9-99 was gone and it was. Things were finally looking up. So the radio turned on, I plugged my iPod to the interface. I pressed mode and there it was. The radio detected that I had a "CD Changer" plugged and proceeded to sync. The ipod displayed "BMW OK to disconnect". So I let it sync for about a minute or so and there you have it everything was working as it use to. I don't know if this was the fix but when I drive tomorrow to work we will see. I will keep you posted. I'm somewhat happy for now.
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    Sorry this aint an answer but I have had exactly the same problem with my Volkwagen (i'll own a BMW one day!) It was working one day then stopped the next. I have reset, uninstalled/reinstalled, got VW to check the car-unit and none of these have solved the problem. They have no idea about the ipod side of the car and have suggested contacting Apple - but there seems to be nothing on it!! Driving me mad as I've tried those awful FM transmitters which are more likely to cause an accident with all the fiddling around. Not sure about unplugging the battery as they would have done this to look at the unit. I'll keep checking this site I get the impression in the next year there will be some offical word on this problem.
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    I understand your frustration but the battery unplug is working great so far for me. Good luck to you.
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    Mines done it too AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Ive tried everything
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    I have the same problem too. It happened right after I synched my iPod with iTunes 7.6.1
    I don't really want to disconnect the battery...
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    Just pull the fuse to the radio for 60 seconds. Just tried it & it worked.
    I had the same issue with iPod only charging and not showing the BMW screen. I had not updated this iPod for months as it only lives in the car. Tried a 2nd iPod and same fault. Conclusion its a BMW issue