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I have a friend that wants me to set up his new iMac, which I can do most of. But he has Quickbooks he needs for his business, to be transfered to his new Mac. What do I need to do??????

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    I would contact the Quickbooks vendor and see what process they recommend. he will probably need to purchase the latest version of Quickbooks but they can advise if his present pc files are multi platform.
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    As Quickbooks is available for both PCs and Macs it is likely to be cross-platform:

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    Here's what I've found out. He'll need the to buy Quickbooks Pro 2007 for Mac. On his Dell, you can save the business file (a copy) to a Mac format & burn to disc. Then simply add the business file to his Mac Quickbooks. The only problem is, I've been reading in the Quickbooks Forums that the conversion is not very complete because the Windows version has features the Mac version doesn't. So the conversion leaves out parts of the file. I'm sure he'll love that. Thanks for the replies.