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For days and days I've been attempting to rectify my download problems, I've searched every forum online I could locate, and I've tried getting assistance from the iTunes folks.

I have several TV episodes in my queue that at various points just stopped downloading and would not re-start. I tried deleting the .tmp files in the "Download" folder, and re-starting them. The odd part is, they would re-start, and then stop at exactly the same spot they did previously. Meanwhile, I have other episodes I purchased that downloaded flawlessly. I'd like to mention that I've been using iTunes for the last several months with absolutely no problems at all, and this issue began to arise at the beginning of September.

To me, the solutions that I've been provided by the iTunes tech support staff do not make sense when matched against the problem. If there were connectivity issues, it would make sense were the download to stop at various random points or if all of my downloads were having issues. If it were a firewall or other conflicting third party software issues, it would make sense if I couldn't get connectivity at all.

When one specific downloading episode consistently stops at 61.7 MB, another one consistently stops at 14.9 MB (with the .tmp files having been cleared out), this sounds like something related to the file itself. In the beginning when I had this issue, I would get either an error 50 or an error 3252. In the last couple weeks though, all of them have been error 3259.

I have continued to install the latest iTunes updates, with the hope that the next release would fix this problem, but it doesn't seem to have happened yet. Unfortunately, I get either no response from iTunes support, a canned response for steps (clearing cache .tmp files, turning off firewall/anti-virus apps, updating software, restarting, etc.) I've already attempted again and again, or they clear just out my queue, credit me for the videos, and wash their hands of me. None of these solutions has fixed the problem, and it sounds like I'm definitely not the only one with this issue.

Will someone please finally address this issue??? I love my iTunes, but my brain is starting to hurt.

Dell, Windows XP Pro
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    Several items still in my queue are at a standstill. Others I've purchased have sailed through no problem. One purchase I made today hasn't stalled, but has been taking hours and hours.

    How sad is it I'm grateful it's downloading at all?

    Not to be too critical, but come on iTunes, why is everything going to **** in a handbasket these last couple of weeks with you guys?
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    I'm having the same problem - in the UK
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    Well, this just keeps getting better and better. I finally got an email back from tech support. Primarily giving me all of the same procedures I've already tried countless times with no success. This time, I was also provided with a procedure that involved the "MSconfig" function. Basically turning everything off, and then turning them on one by one and checking to see if one of those services was interfering with my pseudo-access.

    Guess what? After doing so, and resetting everything back to "normal", it now won't connect at all! Isn't that just outstanding? At least before I could get into the store, see my account, and download music and some TV shows. Now I'm getting the same "timed out" message everyone else has.

    Thanks a bunch, guys.
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    Okay, my bad. Apparently, the store was taken down for everyone just as I had made my changes. I can connect to the store now, but the same problem with partial downloads as listed above still exists.
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    This is the e-mail I sent to iTunes support:

    I have tried dozens of times to download this video. I have restarted my computer, restarted iTunes, updated iTunes to, and deleted the temporary files in the "Downloads" folder of my iTunes music folder. I keep getting error 8008.

    This was the response:

    I'm sorry to hear you're receiving an error when trying to download your purchases. Here are instructions that may help you resolve this issue:

    1) Before proceeding, make sure you're using the latest version of iTunes. It can be downloaded free of charge:


    Note: Installing the latest version of iTunes will not affect your Library or any items in your account that you haven't downloaded.

    So apparently, they don't read e-mails before sending out the first standard response.

    I had to send another e-mail about a problem I had downloading a music video I had just upgraded to iTunes Plus. The fact that I was upgrading it is stated very clearly in my purchase history. This was my e-mail:

    iTunes crashed during the processing stage of downloading. After restarting iTunes, the upgraded video file is nowhere to be found. The old 128 kbps audio file with DRM is still showing up in iTunes.

    Apple's response?

    I have posted the video back to your account. The upgraded version of "Smile" should begin downloading and appear in your Purchased playlist.

    But they added the wrong file. I now have two copies of the DRMed, 128 kbps AAC, non-Plus file.

    I used to have fast, useful responses on the rare occasions I had problems with the iTunes store, but now, the responses take longer and aren't even helpful.
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    Yes, this is a prime example of how unhelpful their technical support truly is. Think you might want to fix that up at some point, guys?