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Ok, someone here must know how you can export all of your Albums by Artist onto a spreadsheet that can then be printed out.

I have close to 800 albums in my iTunes library and I want to export this list into a text or spreadsheet format that shows the following:

Album name - Artist

Is this possible or is there a program out there that will do it?

I tried exporting the library out via File>Export Library and I get an xml document that when opened it just a bit of gibberish. I also exported the library and I got everything about each album, such as Album name, artist, song title, time, genre, etc and it is all mashed together and is not consise.

Appreciate the reponses.

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    Second request.
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    Well, you can print a list of albums directly from iTunes — just select Album Listing > List of Albums in the Print dialog. Failing that, you can show the "Artist" and "Album" columns in your library, select all, and copy and paste the data into your favorite spreadsheet program. You'll then need to delete duplicates, but there are easy ways to do that. (Sort by Track Number first, for instance, and then you can easily select only track 1 from each album.)
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    Thank you for the reply. I am trying to click on Solved to give you points but the dumb Apple forum thingymabob is not working and keeps giving me an error. I will keep trying.