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Manually managing my ipod. When copying songs over to the iPod, only about half of the album art that is in my iTunes shows up on the iPod. I deleted all of the music from my 160 and copied it over again to see if it would fix the problem but nothing changed. Some album art comes over, some does not.
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    Have you noticed a trend in which show up and which do not? For example, do the ones that show up tend to be artwork that was automatically downloaded by iTunes while the ones that do not show up tend to be the ones you manually added to the tracks? Or maybe the ones that don't show up all happen to be from tunes with a certain file type (e.g. WAV, AIFF, etc.)?

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    The cover flow / album art with iPod Classic is ludicrous. Cover Flow, for one, should sync with how I have it in my iTunes. It does not. Album art? Here's the funny thing about that... In cover flow, a lot is missing or incorrect, apparently matching what iTunes has in their database. But when I use the albums menu, most everything I set for covers is sitting there, except for The Beatles, which I'm sure has to do with their asshattery over licensing. Stupid Beatles. Apple has some work to do if they want to make me feel like I wasn't just robbed for over $350.
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    all of my files are mp3, so that's not the difference.

    i'm pretty sure the majority or missing artwork are from albums that I got the art for myself manually, but then again, I went and did that manually years before apple did it automatically, so I don't know how strongly you should consider this.
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    fix it, apple.
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    Ahaa, so I'm not the only one...
    I noticed, that iTunes does ignore all of my album art for the Beatles. I tried and retried, even imported all my Beatles albums again... nothing will happen. The wonderful covers just will not show up.
    Otherwise, let me be honest, I really enjoy the album-art feature.
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    I have noticed a trend. All tracks that have album art automatically pulled in by iTunes sync and get shown in cover flow on my iPod Classic 160GB. All tracks that the album art does not get pulled across onto my iPod are ones I manually inserted into iTunes.

    So the problem is that iTunes is not syncing the manually added album art.

    Does anyone know of a way to get iTunes to automatically sync this manually created album art. Is there a workaround? Can you manually push the album art to the iPod?

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    Are you auto-syncing the iPod? If so, when you add artwork to songs in your library the songs should be replaced by iTunes on your next sync. If not, you can force a new copy on your iPod by (a) set your iPod to sync only checked items, (b) un-checking the problem items, (c) re-sync your iPod, (d) re-check the problem items, and (e) re-sync again. But this process should not be necessary if you're on auto-sync -- any tag changes should automatically trigger a replacement of the updated song on your iPod.

    If you're manually managing your iPod, if you update songs in your library the updates will not automatically transfer to your iPod. To do that, you should delete the songs from your iPod which have been updated with artwork in iTunes, then add the updated copies from iTunes back to your iPod.
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    I've identified a robust solution for this. The problem is 1) the art I inserted was in bitmap format and 2) I drag and dropped it into the album artwork window. To fix this you must:
    1) Make sure the art work is in jpeg format (or it wont get displayed by the iPod)
    2) Right click on the first track, click get info, and on the artwork tab click add and make sure the artwork appears in the box.
    3) On the Music tab of the ipod screen in iTunes deselect "Display album artwork on iPod" and apply (artwork will be removed) Then select artwork and click apply (the artwork will be put back on the iPod - including the manually inserted art)

    You will now be able to see the art in cover flow on your iPod. Phew... horah!
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    I have all the album art on my iphone and I do not want to lose it (like I have before) when i sync my iphone again. Is there any way of not syncing what i already have on the iphone and just adding new material, i.e ringtones from my itunes?
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    I too noticed that the manual added artwork was not transferring. The mistake I made was not selecting all of the songs in the album first. Once you have done that, hit Ctrl + I for "get info". Then copy and paste the artwork into the small artwork window in the "get Info" window.

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