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Emin3m94 Level 1 (0 points)
I dont know. i want to download 9000 songs plus 400 songs. Will it hold??
  • Phoenix_Rising Level 1 (145 points)
    depends on the length of the song, but I doubt that it will come anywhere near 9000.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    What is the overall size of all these songs?

    This will determine how many songs the iPhone can hold.

    The actual capacity of an 8GB iPhone is around 7.3 GB - OS X alone takes up approximately 500MB.

    You should leave some free space available on the iPhone for general operating purposes and if you access any email accounts and for Safari cache purposes, etc.

    So you have around 7GB available - as long as the overall size of all 9400 songs isn't greater than 7GB or so, you are covered.
  • kjlake Level 2 (445 points)
    My guess would be about a quarter of the 9400 that you listed. Using an average size of 3.5MB per song, it would take over 32 GB to store all 9400.

    Hope this helps
  • LadyAdun Level 2 (280 points)
    As I understand it, the 4gb holds roughly 1,000 songs & the 8gb holds around 2,000.