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i have looked all over and have not found a conclusive answer so if someone could clear this up for me i would greatly appreciate it!!!!

I have a .mac account i have friends who use google talk or AIM, how can i IM them using iChat?

Is this even possible or is .mac not compatible with Jabber? Specifically, how do i add a google talk user to my buddy list?

Unfortunately, apple doesn't support .mac very well



MacBook Black, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    I'm usually on the asking end of these discussion boards. Mostly because I don't really know that much. But this, I do know something about... if only because I have a .Mac account and I regularly IM with my friend that has an AIM account. No problems whatsoever. All I did was fill in her AIM info, and it just worked.

    So, though I can't get all technical with you about how it works, you can rest assured that if I can do it, so can you.

    Best of luck.
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    Thanks guys for your response but what i am trying to figure out is this:

    I have a .Mac account that logs on to iChat. How can i use my .Mac account to IM google talk people. I know how to chat with AIM people i just can't figure out how to talk to jabber people.

    Thanks again!
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    So you did not click on-Setting up Jabber gtalk http://www.google.com/support/talk/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=24076
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    Defcom, Thanks for your help but, maybe i am not explaining this correctly...

    My .Mac account is chicagiometti@mac.com I want to use this account to chat with jabber network people without having to get a gmail account.

    Does mac have a jabber server or does .Mac only work with AIM and not jabber?

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    .mac works on the AIM network(wont work on jabber).

    Jabber is different you need a gmail account.

    Edit: It is possible to use AIM on jabber but is a pain http://allforces.com/?p=17&akst_action=share-this
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    Thanks, for your help!
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    For Others.

    iChat can chat to different Buddies in three Buddy lists.

    The Window called Buddy List is the one for your @mac and AIM Buddies and if closed can be called up by pressing the Apple key 1 together.

    There is a window called Bonjour that can be brought up by Apple and 2
    Other "Buddies" can only appear in this list if the Mac has other Macs it can contact on the Same LAN

    The final "Buddy List" is titled Jabber and can join the Jabber service of which GoogleTalk is one such server. It is called up by using Apple Key + 3

    To use the Main Buddy list you have to have a AIM or @mac Screen name
    To use the Jabber on you have to have a valid Jabber ID

    The Bonjour List does not need a Screen name as such but is generated by the Name you have on the My card in the Address Book.

    When you have OS X Server then it has what is called an iChat Server which is actually a Jabber server and Jabber ID's are created for that server. (this may or may not be a Public server) It is used mainly as an In-house alternative to Bonjour as it will not be so reliant on Mascs being in the same LAN or Subnet.

    Now some Public Jabber servers also run what are called "Transports" These can Connect a Jabber ID over the Jabber network to other IM Services like MSN and Yahoo. Some do them to AIM as well so it is possible with the use a a second AIM screen name to chat to what is effectively another AIM buddy list.

    On the whole Jabber A/V chats using their Own Jingle protocol (Different to the AIM/iChat A/V protocols) are very few and far between at present. NOR can iChat A/V connect over this protocol.

    What you can do with the Jabber Buddy List is A/V chat to other iChat users as this invokes the same protocols as the AIM buddy list does.
    Effectively the A/V part of iChat is separate from the Buddy list. The Buddy lists only Identify where and who you are contacting not the process of connecting and A/V chatting.

    11:48 PM Thursday; September 20, 2007