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I am trying to use pitch and time machine to slow down a complete track. I have a track that is 130 bpms per minute and I would like to slow it down to 125 bpm. (an old techno track) The complete track is 7:30 minutes

I have tried setting the parameters for pitch and time machine and it goes through the process. When the song is complete it is still the same tempo. What am I doing wrong? The manual is very vague on setting up pitch and time machine.

I use serato pitch n time in pro tools le to do this on a normal basis. This should be straight forward in Logic???

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10), 4 gigs of ram
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    can you give some more specifics like the tempo you have now and settings you did on the pitch and time machine? also anything else you can tell us? i think i might know what it is.
  • Robert Martinez Level 1 Level 1
    I have a track that is 7:30 minutes and is 130 BPM. I want to pitch (lower the bpm with out changing the feel of the song/key) down to 125 BPM

    I set logic's main tempo (in the transport bar) to the speed I want to pitch the song down to.(125 bpm) I then open up Pitch and Time Machine in the edit window. The Tempo that I want the track to be pitched down to in pitch and time machine is set to the main master tempo in the transport bar. Both left and right columns for the settings say 125 bpm. In the manual it says the left column should be the original tempo/bpm of the song. It is not. Both right and left say 125. I go ahead and process the track and the bpm remains 130 bpm after a semi long process time is complete. After it is done I check the tempo and it is still the same as when i imported the track.

    I hope this makes sense.