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Mathias Iden(12 years) Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
Hello, i Have a Yamaha PSR - K1 keyboard. And i would like to use this as a midi kayboard in Garageband, could anyone give me some directions on how to do this?? Im kinda newbie on this subject.


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  • Windham Hillbilly Level 4 Level 4 (1,600 points)
    Hi, Matt,

    Hello, i Have a Yamaha PSR - K1 keyboard. And i would like to use this as a midi kayboard in Garageband, could anyone give me some directions on how to do this??

    You need to get a MIDI->USB interface.
    There are a variety of them available, some of which are inexpensive, and work fine.

  • bvkoski Level 2 Level 2 (250 points)
    I'm just as interested in this post. I have a Yamaha PSR-170 keyboard (have installed the updated driver from Yamaha), a E-MU X midi 1x1 cable for midi to USB, followed all of the instructions I could find online and from these forums. I'm surprised at the consistent responses of people posting - just do this (such and such) and it'll work. That isn't helping. Someone PLEASE post a beginning to end process involving all aspects of how this is done. As far as I can see, my MIDI seup is complete - everything seems fine. Cables are attached. The ACMP button on my keyboard has been pressed a couple of times (as instructed in my keyboard manual when about to use midi). My Sound preferences pane doesn't recognize a midi interface, my Garageband preferences recognize a midi interface, but does not offer any selection of a midi device, whether or not I've created a software instrument and track. This seems to basically be (1) System Preferences Sound (2) Midi Setup (3) Garageband Preferences and software track and instrument. What am I missing? I don't get anything from my keyboard to my system. Even when clicking test in the Midi Setup window, the musical note sumbol appears, but what should happen? If I play my keyboard, will sound come through my computer? PLEASE HELP.
  • Christoph Drösser Level 6 Level 6 (11,275 points)
    First of all: You'll have to understand the difference between audio and midi. Maybe here:

    Midi signals are not sound. So the basic question is:

    • Do you want to use your keyboard to trigger GB's internal sounds? (-> Midi connection)

    • Do you want to record sounds that you play on your keyboard (-> Audio connection)

    • Do you want to trigger your keyboard's sounds with midi stuff that you recorded in GB (-> not possible in GB, only with a plugin)

    So let's assume you're trying the first option. That implies, according to your numbering:

    (1) Forget the Sound prefs, you're not transmitting sound
    (2) Midi setup seems to be fine, since GB is recognizing your interface
    (3) There's no need for any setup in GB - it's listening to all midi channels when you press "record"

    So, with your keyboard connected and recognized - have you set up a software track? Do the little LEDs light up when you play notes?

    Since the interface seems to be fine - if you don't register any midi data coming in, I guess it must be your keyboard not sending data - and sorry, I'm not familiar with it, so I can't offer any help on this but ask: You're sure you plugged the round midi plug into the "midi out" jack of the keyboard?
  • bvkoski Level 2 Level 2 (250 points)
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, all I'm trying to do is use the keyboard to trigger GB sounds. You may be right about it not sending a signal to the computer - I do not see any leds lighting up.
  • Pat *italiano* Valella Level 4 Level 4 (1,835 points)
    I use a Yamaha PSR-270 with the YAMAHA midi adaptor (UX-16 I think it is) and everything works fine. So many people had trouble it seemed with adaptors (from reading these forums for years) so when I bought my Keyboard I also bought the YAMAHA adaptor - came with drivers - works like butter in Logic, Garageband, etc. I also use the built-in YAMAHA voices by running the line out on my KB to my LINE IN on my Imac and bringing the sound in that way (I'm normally a Guitarist so I knew all that). But the Garageband sounds are better...