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I am trying to burn a CD from one of my playlists, but when I insert a blank CD and click "burn", iTunes ejects the CD and asks that I insert a blank CD. Then when I reinsert the CD, it says that I have inserted a blank CD and to choose a playlist and click "burn" to record a CD, and then goes full circle and ejects the CD and tells me to insert a blank CD again. These are new CD's and I have also tried my old CD's. Apple needs to leave well enough alone and stop upgrading iTunes constantly. They do more harm than good.

Windows XP
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    I have the same issue, how did you resolve it? Thanks.
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    Simple but important question:

    Have you checked the boxes next to all the songs on the play list you want to burn? No checks no burn.
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    Yes, verified. It says insert blank disc, I do, then I press Burn, it then ejects the cd and says put in blank cd. I do again , press burn, ejects again. Same result over and over. I know the cd is blank because I then used another program to burn something on it. Tried several brand new cd's, same result.
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    Thanks, but I didn't see anything that helped for this, wierd situation.
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    Too bad. And just to be fair have you tried burning with any other program besides iTunes? What about what drive letter is assigned to your CD drive?

    Maybe your drive is having an issue unrelated to iTunes!
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    Just this morning I found the same frustration with iTunes myself. I tried other applications and they worked fine. However, when I pushed that button that resets the disc drive (the one that you need a pin to push) I found that the disc now burned in iTunes. I found this interesting as Windows Media Player had worked fine. I guess that iTunes just likes to mess with our drives eh? Anyways I hope this helps and good luck with everything else!


    P.S. If by some small chance an Apple admin happens to read this it would be really nice if iTunes had an alarm feature, with a password to turn it off, that way I wouldn't have to worry about my grandma turning off my alarm! (gosh dang it)

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    Same problems here. Also if I run the diagnostic on either drive it insists that there is no audio cd present. Then upon closing the diagnostic, it shows the audio cd in teh devices tab and asks if i want to import it. So clearly its accessign the drive and sees it, but just wont admit it in diags and won't allow me to burn.
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    this happens to me during the back-up to disc process. the first two discs--A OK, but then, crapola! Itunes stops recognizing discs and I can't backup. I really need to do this so I can restore my pod (random songs stopped playing). Is there a solution to this issue? Discs good, cd burner new, blah blah