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  • Howard Huxter1 Level 1 Level 1
    Is this issue only related to 17" or does it also affect 21"
  • indigoimac Level 1 Level 1
    I see most of the machines on here are the iSight models -- I've got a machine, 17" 1.8GHz, from the generation before that. I've called apple twice now to no avail. They claim the model itself is exempted from any repair programs -- is this true or are they giving me the run around (I've talked to a supervisor as well)

    And yes, 2 lines so far, one green, one pink.

    The serial is QP53xxxxxxx
    Model: M9843LL/A
  • NYRgal Level 1 Level 1
    Decided to take the old iMac out of storage to use as a backup (regardless of the vertical lines). Came upon this thread that I remember reading a few years ago. Took the computer to my local apple store and they checked the serial number. It was fixed for free in one day! I'm super excited! Serial number starts W8544...

    If you're having this issue, I recommend bringing the computer to the store as well!
  • theycallmemcgyver Level 1 Level 1
    Sadly I do not think I will be an Apple customer any longer. Apple will not take responsibility for this mess and has basically said "too bad, its your problem".
    A few weeks ago I took my computer to the Apple store and the resident "genius" said: "Sorry, there is nothing I can do"....
    I spoke to an Apple support rep today and all he could tell me is "Sorry, there is nothing I can do"...
    Well, who can do something?
    The support rep suggested I send apple some feedback at:
    The problem is that it is for making suggestions or giving feedback for:
    enhancement requests,
    bug reports,
    design/ease of use,
    software,hardware compatibility,
    and configurability.
    All of which are considered "Unsolicited Idea Submissions".
    There is NOWHERE on Apple's site ANY OBVIOUS WAY of telling them if you are satisfied or not... if you are not able to get help from a support rep, you can forget it.
    I can not believe the lack of interest in customer satisfaction exhibited by Apple.
    I have been a loyal customer for 15 plus years... I have recommended Macs to dozens of people and have brought at least 30 or MORE customers to Apple because I felt they made good products which they stood behind.
    This is really a slap in the face to not even have a way of contacting anyone to voice an opinion.
    What does that say about customer care?
    I wrote a nice kind letter asking for help on this matter only to find I have nowhere to send it.
    Right now I have no money to repair this myself, a new machine is out of the question and a refurbished machine is only slightly less than a new one and at this point why would I trust Mac to do the refurbishment properly or stand behind that unit anyhow?!
    If anyone knows how to contact anyone at Apple directly on this matter please post it.
  • MicaNIca Level 1 Level 1
    I just got back from the Houston Galleria Apple store with a HUGE smile - the genius was awesome - checked to make sure it was just the monitor and looked up the part. I should get my 2006 iMac back within 20 days!! Total cost saved: $602!!
  • MicaNIca Level 1 Level 1
    I just got back from the Houston Galleria Apple store with a HUGE smile - the genius was awesome - checked to make sure it was just the monitor and looked up the part. I should get my 2006 iMac back within 20 days!! Total cost saved: $602!!
  • Qbert Level 1 Level 1
    I just went to the Apple Store in Escondido tonight, and they are going to replace my screen for free! This is awesome. A couple years back I went to the Apple Store in Fashion Valley and they said they couldn't do anything because it was beyond the warranty. The clerk told me that the problem wasn't due to the assembly plant, but that the plant had received a shipment of faulty screens. He said that this is one of the problems they are trained to watch out for, and that it was possible that the other store didn't replace it because that issue may not have been widely recognized yet.

    Anyway, I'm stoked.
  • DinBethel Level 1 Level 1
    I just dealt with this problem and I GOT APPLE TO PAY FOR THE REPAIR!!

    First, see if your imac is from the W8 factory in Shangai China. You can do this by going to Chipmunk International and entering the serial # of you imac. Apple KNOWS there is a defect in imacs from this just have to "remind" the Apple support person you speak to about this defect!! I bought my imac January 2007. I did not purchase any extended warranty. Through my own research, reading different forums, including the ones on the Apple website, I got all the proof I needed that even though my imac was way our of warranty, there were vertical lines on my screen because of a factory defect.

    Call Apple support Express Lane. Arrange to have a tech support person call you if you don't want to hold on a long time. Tell the tech person to give a look at Apple support thread ID 1146388. Explain that your imac comes from W8 factory, give him or her your serial number and GET A CASE NUMBER from the tech. Then ask where your nearest Apple store or authorized Apple repair shop is. There is no Apple store within an hour's drive of my house but my tech person gave me the contact info for an authorized repair shop about an hour and fifteeen minutes away. I called the shop, explained the vertical lines problem, gave them my case number. I brought my imac to them, along with printouts of posts and links regarding this issue with imacs. They called me the next day and said Apple issued a Customer Satisfaction code to repair my imac for free. I got a new display - no more vertical lines - and the repair dudes got a box of Italian bakery cannolis from me
    My family buys Apple products because we expect superior quality and we also expect superior customer service when needed. Apple came through for moi !!
  • Youngzink13 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi mine has the same problem ( ) i went to chipmunk and got this
    Serial number: W851*****
    Name: iMac G5 (Ambient Light Sensor)
    Model: imacmid06
    Group1: iMac
    Group2: G5
    Generation: 2
    ModelCode: imacmid06
    Model introduced: 2005
    Production year: 2005
    Production week: 19 (May)
    Production number: 9292 (within this week)
    introduced test: 2005 (5) 1
    introduced test: GOED
    CPU speed: 2.0GHz
    Family name: vraag
    Screen size: 17 inch
    Screen resolution: 1440x900 pixels
    Factory: W8 (Shanghai China)

    i live in aus so would there be any way to get this fixed?
  • ted markow Level 2 Level 2
    Well, I guess some people lucked out that their iMacs were built in Shanghai. According to Chipmunk, mine was built in the USA (QP) and my screen has a couple of vertical lines just like those from China. Does this mean I'm SOL as far as Apple goes?
  • DinBethel Level 1 Level 1
    CALL Apple support and ask where the nearest Apple Store or Apple authorized repair shop is. Explain to the support tech what the problem is (and be sure to mention the factory your MAC is from) and get a CASE NUMBER and tell them you want the problem fixed for FREE because of the KNOWN factory defect. Quote posts here, use mine as an example and you should be able to get satisfaction. Do not take No for an answer.
  • Ameri-Swede Level 1 Level 1
    Hard to search for this particular solution - I, too have had a couple of vertical pink lines showing up, and I, too, have had Apple call center not even interested in looking up another case. "You're computer is too old. Go to an authorized repair shop, which is 75 miles away."

    So - I tried a couple of things:
    1. Loaded the free SMC Fan control, and set the ODD fan to 1287rpm.
    2. Stopped allowing my iMac 17" (2006) intel from Shanghai to go to "sleep" - which I had been doing for quite some time, to save on boot-up time, due to the new OS versions.

    I came to these solutions based on various fragments of what I read over many forum entries and other internet blog sources.

    And... each day, for a week, the lines got less bright, and now have completely disappeared. There is one exception - when I was out of town for a week, I came back and booted-up only to have the lines re-appear for a few days. Then again, 3 or 4 days later - no sign of the vertical lines.

    So - now I wonder... should I try to get Apple to repair, or wait to see....?
  • DinBethel Level 1 Level 1
    The vertical lines on my MAC suddenly appeared and a few days later, disappeared. But a few weeks went by and the lines were back. I would definitely see about Apple paying for repairs for the issue you (and thousands of others) are having.
  • lynn117 Level 1 Level 1
    i have talked to 3 different people. none of whom will even admit there is a known problem. they want me to take it to the only repair center in my area and they might pay for it or i might get stuck with the diagnoses bill on top of no free repair. its time to get realistic. i have had the machine for four and a half years. there are other issues like choppy video playback and lag times. i am fed up with dealing with apple and never want an all in one unit again. i know someone that had the issue return shortly after having it fixed. i can get a pc with better specs for half the price of a mac and this one will just be keeper of the itunes.
  • Jon Stein Level 1 Level 1
    I spoke to a US EDU Apple Care rep today that told me there is an Apple Repair Extension Program for the 17" iMac's. When I told him it was nowhere to be found on the Service Source Website he said that it was an Apple internal program and that it was called "EM80". He said I should have no problem getting my repair covered at our local service provider site. I have a Apple Care case number now and will be sending in at least 8 of these for repair to said service provider. It only makes sense that Apple is attempting to avoid covering these if it can, otherwise there would have been an official Repair Extension Program published. There was a class action lawsuit regarding this issue with the G5 iMac's that was dismissed due to the fact the plaintiff tried to get all iMac models included in the defect whether or not they exhibited the symptoms.
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