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  • Jamez Level 1 (0 points)

    Yesterday my late 2006 model 17" iMac screen started to display several vertical white lines to the right of the screen (around 20 lines).  I did my research on the internet, established that it was quite likely a known manufacturing issue (it was a model made in Shanghai) and contact Apple Support (UK) this morning.  After a brief discussion the phone operator established that it was a hardware issue and that the computer was outside its warranty.  I returned to the internet for further research and contacted Apple again this afternoon, explained that I believed it was a known issue due to the location of manufacture and the numerous threads on the internet documenting similar experiences and asked to speak to a senior representative.  I was put through after a brief period on hold and it was explained that the free extended warranty for this problem expired in May this year.  I politely confirmed with him that this was a known manufacturing problem in a computer I had only owned for less than 4 years and shortly after he offered to have it repaired for free.  It took a little prodding but throughout the process the Apple staff were very polite and friendly.  I really don't have any complaints and in comparison to other experiences of after sales support from various other firms in the UK I take my hat off to an excellent service!


    To others in similar situations I would suggest you give the Apple Support (UK) telephone number a try, it worked for me!



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    My 17 iMac , vintage february 06, succumbed to vertical pink line syndrome on Tuesday. Telephoned apple care Thursday,made a genius bar appointment for the Cardiff store for 1000 this morning. Got there a little early but by 0948 the v polite genius had screen grabbed the line to check whether it was the graphics card or display,after guessing exactly when it was bought, and is fixing it gratis this week. No fuss. No drama. No hesitation. Well done apple and the Cardiff store!

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    I'm pretty late to the party here it seems! My computer has been acting up for a couple of years but has been generally usable. Lately it crashes more often and is becoming far more irritating.

    20" iMac bought Aug. '06.

    I'd like to try my luck getting a free repair from Apple as I see some people, particularly in the U.K., are still getting this. Do I have to take it in to the Apple store? I can't figure out how to talk to someone in Apple Canada Support without paying 49$ to do so! Does anyone have any advice?

  • Jamez Level 1 (0 points)

    You should be able to take it to a genius bar for free, or if you are a long way from your Apple store you can phone the support number that is available on the Apple website, you do not need Applecare for this!  You certainly shouldn't be in a situation where it is costing you $49 to speak to someone at Apple!



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    Just an update on this, I took my iMac to the genius bar in the Trafford centre on the 25th of June.  I was most impressed with their service.  They plugged the computer into the network and booted it and immediately confirmed the problem with the LCD.  Without my even having to quote my support ID number they said they would repair it for free.  The 25th was a Saturday, I received a phone call the following Wednesday saying the computer was ready for collection and now I have my machine back fully working.  Throughout the process the staff fell over themselves to be polite and helpful, I can't praise them highly enough.  Well done Apple, this is the kind of service that makes me want to buy again!




    P.S.  I stand to be corrected but I believe in the UK we are covered by a consumer rule that states electronics must be of a sufficient quality to last six years.  This may be why Apple are still repairing this problem in the UK, although as far as I am aware the responsibility actually rests with the shop that sold the computer, not necessarily Apple, so in my case (as I did not buy direct from Apple) they appear to have gone beyond what was required of them by law which gets them a big tick in my box!

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    My father has an iMac G5 (2005 model) which is now classed as vintage! It has this very same issue, I called Apple support (UK) who have informed me that the EMA80 extended support expired in May 2011 and that they cannot offer a free repair. Why then are some people still getting replacement screens? To those of you who have had success with this issue; do you have later models or are you quoting somthing specific?


    My father cannot afford to replace this machine and I hate to have to tell him that it's useless and that Apple wont help!

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    It does seem surprising they treat customers differently even in the same country but I would say two points.


    Firstly, although I walked into the Apple store armed with my support number and ready to do battle the technician at the genius bar immediately told me the problem would be fixed for free, so it may be worth trying a local apple store and seeing what happens (if there is one local!).  If you try this and they refuse to repair it for free then get ask them to confirm it is the known issue and get a support number.

    Secondly, when I first phoned the customer support number the person on the phone couldn't even find the extended support details and acted like this was the first time they had seen this problem (which, in fairness, may be the situation with this particular individual).  It was only when I phoned up a second time and gave them the URL to this thread that they acknowledged that it was in fact a known problem and told me the support had expired, like you say, in May of this year. I was a little surprised the support had expired because the very fact it existed in the first place is an admission from Apple that the computer was not built correctly so anyone with this issue can reasonably expect Apple to rectify it regardless of the number of years that have elapsed since the machine was purchased.  I think he sensed my incredulity and when I asked him to confirm that Apple would not fix a problem they readily acknowledged existed through their own doing he said that 'as it was so close to the expiry date and as a gesture of good will, etc..'


    I will reiterate that the customer support over the phone was excellent and everyone I dealt with at Apple was polite, friendly and reasonable.


    Good luck!



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    many thanks for your response!


    I can't argue with the fact that they are friendly and helpful, having been suprised in the past by just how far they are willing to go to please customers I was equally suprised on this occasion when they refused to budge.


    I'm now in the process of drafting an email to their head office, as I'm dismayed to discover that they are repairing some machines and not others!





  • bighip Level 1 (0 points)



    i got the same problem to my first Gen of iMac G5 like 2 weeks ago. I have really bad experence with Hong Kong Apple rep, and they kept saying they would not repair for free. Also they dumped me around between the reps and the techincal guy. They quted me like around $400 USD to get it fixed which it totally unaccpetable. i would not mind paying 200 USD or less, but  $400 USD which is too much to me. I still love my G5 and it is turely classic in many ways. Can anyone tell me if the EM80 still exits? Many thx.

  • sdfox7 Level 2 (150 points)

    Judging by the majority of the posts here it seems like the bulk of the problem machines are 2005-2006 models.


    I own a first gen iMac G5 17" 1.8GHz 160GB original from November 2004 and have had no dead pixels or lines on my screen. Actually the entire computer has served me well and I'm not willing to get rid of it since it is a PPC (although I have updated it to 2GB RAM and Leopard 10.5.8).


    I wonder if Apple simply got a (huge) bad batch of screen material from somewhere during 2005.


    For reference my machine's serial is W84468xxxxx.

  • amieagain Level 1 (5 points)

    We just had our's repaired under a warranty it home and within 15m of having it on....a verticle line appeared.

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    Thanks for your advice worked for me too but sadly apple ireland no longer have the parts to fascilitate my repair so i got an exception for a free repair but it cant be repaired so my mac has basically six months left before the screen completely goes on me

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    My 20" iMac had the same problem as you originally posted. It too was made in the Shanghai, China plant, according to the serial number. I read thru most all the posts to see what options I had. I thought that I'd have a better chance of pleading my case in person, so I made an appointment for the Genius Bar and showed up with my iMac in hand. At this point though, it wouldn't even power on.

    The initial "genius" told me my machine was "vintage" and they can't even get parts for it anymore. If they can't get parts, they can't offer to repair it. I got nowhere with my issues.

    I asked for a supervisor. I went thru the same issues with him, letting him know it wasn't an isolated case, that there were hundreds of others with the same issues, and they were getting their machines repaired. I referred both of them to this thread also. The super was also really nice but kept insisting they can't get parts anymore, which is weird when others are getting their machines repaired. To tell the truth, even though I don't have the money for a new machine, I would rather have something different anyway. After pleading as best as I can, the super finally said that he would be willing to repair it free, but can't, since he can't get the parts. At that point, I felt like we were finally getting somewhere. The next thing I asked was: if you're willing to repair it, but can't, how about a store credit towards a new machine? He agreed! He made an offer, and we haggled a bit back and forth, and I finally ended up with a hefty store credit. I coupled that with the Black Friday sale and am now the proud owner of a 15" Macbook Pro and Thule attache case!

    Overall, I am estatic about how this ended up. A friend of mine pointed me to this thread and all of this advice paid off. I never lost my cool and neither did they. Everyone was extremely professional. My iMac was sitting in the garage, dead for over a month. The worse thing that could've happened is that they would say "no." I had nothing to lose. But their willingness to work with me even though it was way out of warranty, is a large part of what makes me a loyal Mac enthusiast.'ve left a great legacy behind you!

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    I just called US Tech support tonight, had the usual chain of command. By the time I asked for a supervisor, they were gone for the night.


    They told me the repair program expired in May of this year. How would I know that? Apple's got my email n such so they couldv'e emailed me and I'm sure they know that I have a iPhone so I could've gotten a call on that too!


    Either way, round #2 starts tomorrow, I'm going to ask respectively for the supervisor.


    By the way, referencing an internal KB article of EM80 seemed to suprise them but it got right to the point. I'll try to push the whole "non-isolated" issue thing and see how it goes. If not I'll have to do battle with some genius' 90 minutes away.

  • Sarduci Level 1 (0 points)

    Are you referencing the UK support?

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