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  • Rambling Joe Level 2 (280 points)

    Can you still buy the AppleCare for your Mac Mini?  If so, buy, and then take the Mac Mini into get repaired.


    Good luck.

  • jenhpd Level 1 (0 points)

    My serial number starts with QP.  It is an intel mac from february of 2006 with unknown location of origin. 


    I have about 36 vertical lines of different colors.  There is a 2-5/8" vertical strip about 1/3 of the way across the screen.  For awhile it would flicker.  Now it is 2-1/4" black with the part to the right of the black line as an unusable image of the left margin of the screen.

  • jenhpd Level 1 (0 points)

    mine is a qp serial number

  • Lisa9982 Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone had any luck with this more recently?


    I am in the UK and have an early 2006 imac - i think the serial number starts W8 but am not home to check currently. The imac doesn't get used much - up till around a year ago, it had only been switched on around 20 times (i used the laptop mainly til them). I have been using the PC more recently and though old and considered vintage, it runs great and i have no issues with it at all except for the lines that have started to appear on the screen - i have eight now in total. Annoying because if i'd used the mac more, i'd likely developed this problem before now as it seems that mu serial number puts me in the batch with the faulty monitors!


    I don't know whether taking it to the genius bar would help or would they tell me that because it's so old and the extended warranty on the E80 issue has expired, that i will need to suck it up and buy a new machine.

  • Catherine T. Level 1 (0 points)

    December 4, 2012


    I'm a photographer and photography editor and have been trying to fix this same experience of 16 green vertical lines running  across my 17" I mac serial number beginning YM83.   I'd like to believe Apple Care Support will honor their product and acknowlege this defect, but right now they are responding as if they've never heard of this problem.  I am a longtime Apple supporter and am disappointed that they are unable to respond responsibly.


    Catherine T.

  • Catherine T. Level 1 (0 points)

    December 4, 2012


    Fascintating...just spent the morning talking with Apple Care and they are sticking to their assigned script "Right now there is nothing we can can right to and see about having this

    program re-opened".   Spoke with "Hasani, Tracey, Stephen" and although they always ask for all my information, phone, email, etc can never get a last name from anyone these days.  No one wants to be responsible for their word eh?

    dec_4_12 Imac.jpg

  • Ken Kline Level 1 (0 points)

    Catherine, I bought my iMac G5, 17" a few months ago from a Kijiji listing with the full knowledge that there were 2 vertical lines on the screen (the serial number was also from that factory in China where all the defective screens came from, also the cd/dvd burner was not functional) but I took a chance only gave the seller $25.00 Can. for the computer + aluminum Key. Now there are 14 very thin lines + some light patches on the screen, still usable in most situations. However, I now have a newer Intel iMac (I never buy them new!!) but am keeping this defective G5 as my backup computer. I have another 17" lcd monitor which I got at a lawn sale for $10.00 in excellent shape, so I bought a Mini VGA to VGA adapter which I can plug into the VGA output of the G5 then connect to the 17" lcd monitor which gives me a line-free monitor. There is even a way of disconnecting the defective screen so I just have to look at the separate lcd monitor. Because of their age, no one cares about these computers anymore especially at Apple (there might not even be enough screens to replace all the defective ones) so my workabout of the situation with an external monitor is, for me, the cheapest way of keeping the computer functional. Ken

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    Catherine, just like you I'm very disappointed with Apple... I took my iMac to the apple store not too long ago and told the genius... The reason why I bought an apple computer is for the quality and good customer service and the name apple is known for the quality and customer service.... The genius responded saying Oh... don't forget that these products are still made in China....I was very ******.... Anyways... Good luck!

  • Edward Boghosian Level 4 (1,395 points)

    You have a computer that is about 6 years old, only used about 20 times during this period and you want Apple to make amends for a problem that you discovered during 2012? 

    Apple, most likely, does not have parts for it.  I wonder how many electronic manufacturers would honor your request.  But, no harm in trying.  

  • Edward Boghosian Level 4 (1,395 points)

    Unknown location of origin?  Since when did Apple produce a computer with an unknow location of origin?

    I assume the serial number is still part of the machine.

  • Ken Kline Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is the webpage: "" if you want to know what week, month, year, country, factory your Mac came from. Just enter the serial number, click on the search, then a page comes up with the info. With the vertical line issue, these iMacs seem to have come from a particular factory in China, all from the same location. Ascribing any virtuous behavior to Apple is naive at best. If this problem is happening to so many people, especially from this factory, then Apple is complicit in an unseemly cover-up, the point is mute, however, because I am certain, there aren't the screens, in Apple's stock, to repair these machines, only available from private parts suppliers.

  • Christian Nørgaard Level 1 (45 points)

    Ok Guys,


    Some of you might like this and some might not:


    - I was also riddled with 30+ lines on right side of 2006 17" imac intel of W8 factory origin.

    - Said Imac is now "VINTAGE" which for a 6yr old computer is about right, considering the average life of a PC is probably less than 3yrs... my ex-GF's notebook lasted 18 months, but I'm disgressing from the subject. Vintage for Apple means: "Sorry, we don't stock spare parts for this computer anymore (since 06/2011), so it's going to be very difficult to repair it..."

    - Figured I'd get in touch with Applecare and see what they had to say: mentionned the known defect, the EM80 program (expired), this forum thread: AC rep was very comprehensive, didn't deny anything and after a bit of chatting, calling upstairs, etc said the best he could do was send me a coupon worth up to 100 eur (tax excl). I wasn't totally satisfied with that; so the rep, again very understanding, said his hands were tied to the system and that on the applecare side of things, we had reached the best he could do. BUT, ... if I was to make a new aquisition, the sales dept might also be able to do something!!

    - Next day: called applestore: very swiftly, the rep understood my request, sent it upstairs... Minutes later, calls me back, after calling his colleagues from customer relations, and before he even tells me, a second coupon appears in my mailbox.


    Total: 200 eur in coupons + tax (242 eur). About the price of a replacement lcd panel on ebay


    The secret? Polite, joking, the reps are human beings so if you treat them as such (or better), they'll probably be nice to you too ;-)

  • Ken Kline Level 1 (0 points)

    For me, it's like putting your money in the garbage to even think about getting a replacement lcd panel off Ebay, who can trust them. Take the coupons look at an Apple refurb computer from the Apple website, they are better than new.

  • Christian Nørgaard Level 1 (45 points)

    That's not really my point but I see what you mean ;-) A refurb is indeed a better option but more pricey ;-)


    But 200 eur excl tax of coupons for a couple of phone calls: not bad shopping. And should incite others to give it a try.


    I can't complain about apple customer care!!

  • Ken Kline Level 1 (0 points)

    Please forgive me, I thought you were seriously thinking about buying a replacement screen off Ebay. Great shopping, except for the fact that everything Apple is insanely high in price. See if you can get a good used iMac either G5 or Intel Core Duo of that vintage, not from that Chinese factory!!, (I am in Ontario, Canada) for about $200.-$300. Can., then use your coupons for software, accessories. I only purchase used iMacs, for the cost, they serve my requirements perfectly.