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  • vladman Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Christian,


    I've been reading this thread with interest, as I've recently purchased one of these "vintage" iMacs (second-hand, of course), and it's got this dreaded screen problem (which I've been aware of when I bought it, and it works fine with my external monitor).


    My machine's serial begins with W8, and according to that website, it was made in the second week of January 2007 (it's a 2006 model, MA590) in a factory in Shanghai.


    I seem to have a different looking issue to some of you (although I admit I haven't read all the 28 pages of this thread, so someone might have an issue more similar to mine).  Mine seems more severe in that the screen is practically unuseable, because of these thick vertical sections on the screen being totally "broken". 


    See picture.

    iMac broken screen.JPG


    Your post is very encouraging, but can you clarify what you meant when you said "... if I was to make a new acquisition"?  I don't understand what you mean by that (I thought you meant if you were going to buy a new Mac of some sort, but that doesn't seem to be it) and how that meant you got the second 100 Euro coupon?



  • Christian Nørgaard Level 1 (45 points)

    Hi Vlad ,

    I was actually looking to buy a new iMac anyway as well as the new iPhone five. So in that respect the coupons came in quite handy !

    Hope this helps ...try it out

  • Ken Kline Level 1 (0 points)

    Christian, happy to see that those coupons are working out. Before you rush into an iPhone 5, wait for BB10 on the new Blackberry phones, might be a game changer. I am writing this from my Blackberry Playbook,the best tablet on the market. Of course, I am Canadian, so want our company to be successful again. Ken.

  • Joe8986 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry Vladman, I wish you luck!  This is not a past problem by any means.  I have spent 2 afternoons talking to AppleCare and my local tech.  My iMac now has 16 lines on it.  I got the machine in 07 as a retirement gift.  Two to three years later I got my first vertical line.  They began to multipy a year or so later.  But as far as I know there was no notification of a factory defect sent out to purchasers of this iMac.  I was stupid for not checking it out until it got worse but I had too much faith in Apple I guess.


    So even though it's a factory defect there is nothing they will do!  So this was my last Mac!  For an expensive, high end computer it has had it's share of problems; bad screen, bad super drive, replacement super drive won't reject now, some kind of undefined crash that required a software update to get the unit operational again.  


    I now plan to go buy a cheap computer and put Ubuntu on it and live happily ever after!


    Apple is NOT what it's cracked up to be!

  • MMHG Level 1 (0 points)

    Likewise, I have a Feb 2007 production iMac 17" with vertical lines through the display. It is a W8 factory product. Conversations with Apple Support were directed up to senior colleagues ; however no support could be offered ('too long since the support programme closed'). I asked for help (e.g. coupons) to assist me buying a new product (as per early Dec 2012 post) but the advisor wasn't able to offer this. Basically; yes we know there is a problem here, but tough, you're on your own. Obviously not happy with Apple or Apple Support either.....

  • Jimpow77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi I recently purchased a kit from realmacmods now my 17" intel imac is working perfectly with hd resolution check it out its cheap and it works easy to install !!!!

  • srosenstok Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm getting similar lines on my  Mid 2007 iMac (BTO?) with a serial number that also begins with W8 . Yesterday I was trying to launch Sims 3 when the screen suddenly began to appear pixilated and froze. I restarted but it crashed again. After the third restart the start-up screen is pink, then the blue screen appears but the desktop is completely pixilated. When I start up in Safe Mode I'm getting these pink and cyan vertical stripes.


    Starting from the System DVD didn't help. Resetting the PRAM didn't help. Turning it off didn't help. Restoring the System didn't help either. Looking at the Support page it looks like Apple wants $18 just to talk to me!!!


  • yeah! IgOT IT all Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue, I have spoken with apple representatives twice...  The first time i was assured it would be fixed and I was going to get a call back within the following 2 hours to arrange for service. I never received a call, I waited a month. In that month the problem persisted and became worse, I received not an email, or phone call like I promised. I call a second time wasted 2 hours of my time to again be told "we will call you back, and we will try our best to get this problem fixed. I did receive a call back only to be told that apple had a replacement program for this exact issue, but now that the computer is considered "Vintage" there was nothing they could. I was also told that Apple had sent out an e-mail stating that there is a re-call program running for this issue. I never recieved an email, phone call or any other form of contact. I have owned this computer since March of 2007 In the time that I have had it I have had to have the Name, Address and all contact information changed to my actual Info. There was an ordering issue that occured when I Purchased the mac. The apple rep made sure it very clear that it was not apple's fault i did not recieve an email regarding the re-call ... I beg to differ. I also forgot to mention that back in 2007 when the computer was less than 6 months old i had brought it into a an authorized apple repair shop for a pixel issue... I was then refused service due to the fact that the computer was not "Broken" enough. For a 1500$ piece of machinery that is brand new ... i shouldn't even be having this issue of something "not being broken enough". It should have been in mint condition and not damaged out of the box. If you have any luck with this issue, please reply to my post! Best of Luck!

  • Edward Boghosian Level 4 (1,395 points)

    Regarding the pixels.  What kindof a pixel problem did you have?  I believe there is a minimum number of pixels being defective or whetever before it is considered a problem.  I don't know the number.  If more, yes, if equal to or less, no. Did the "pixel" problem get worse?   None the less, I would of called customer service after this rejection and pushed the  case.  You may not be on solid ground in this case.  If the problem occurred a short time after purchase, you could of returned for a refund but that is a small window.


    What was the ordering problem?  Why did you have to change the name and address?   Did you purchase this via the on line store or actual store?  When did the problem appear and when did you actually contact Apple about it?

  • yeah! IgOT IT all Level 1 (0 points)

    There were dead pixels on the screen from the moment I unboxed the computer. I do have the vertical lines issue as well. The lines problem has been getting progressively worse. The actual vertical lines issue began roughly 2 years ago, but since the computer was out of warranty i chose to leave it (this computer was no longer used as my primary machine), It got worse and worse until i finally ended up googling the possible cause around 6 months ago. I had then brought enquired to local apple retail stores along with authorized service outlets and both stated that this computer was considered too old to be fixed. It was at that point 3 months ago that I called apple support. There was no apple store in my city at the time I purchased this computer. It was ordered online by me from, which I later found out when I called apple to enquire about the reasoning my computer was not fixed for the pixel damage ( October 2007) that not only was I not registered to this machine that it was registered to some school in alaska. I had the apple rep change all of that information as it was VERY incorrect. I can only assume that the folks in alaska had ordered this machine and then cancelled the order. That is the only scenario I can think of. I again was on the phone with apple gathering information regarding service for the vertical lines issue and again my name was not attached to the serial number of the computer. It's even more frustrating that the apple rep claims that apple had sent a notice regarding this issue, and that it was my responsibility to make sure I get the notice. My problem being that apple had not once but twice screwed up my contact info.

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    I went thru something similar myself with my Mac and had posted earlier in this thread. You're thinking that if you can plead your case about the mix-up with the Mac registration as being the reason you didn't get your Mac fixed earlier, that they'll pity you and fix this....but I believe you're wrong. I got the same line....."we sent a letter letting you know about this, but you never took advantage of it." I also never received that letter. It didn't matter. The letter wasn't a recall, they've never done that for this issue that I know of. But for a short time, they were offering to fix it.

    I never knew about the offer. My machine was "vintage" according to Apple. As such, even if they agreed to fix it, they no longer carried parts to do so. My next method of getting this issue fixed was basically speaking to the Apple store manager. On a busy day. When he didn't have time. And he just wanted to get rid of me. And I was extremely pleasant to him. And we struck a deal. They couldn't fix my Mac, but I needed a new one anyway. They gave me a store credit. I took advantage of it over Black Friday and got an additional $100 of my new MacBook Pro purchase. I'm happy. They made another sale. And I buried ol' faithful.


    Good luck.

  • Edward Boghosian Level 4 (1,395 points)

    How many dead pixels?  If you ordered it via the on line Apple store, you should of received a confirmation of the order in your name and charged to you charge card and you can follow it while in transit.  I think the serial number for the computer is included in the confirmation but I'm not sure.  When you received it, it was addressed to you.  Did you register it?  If you did, there should be a paper trail for that computer and you as the owner.  If it was registered to a school in Alaska, it should of showed up at this point and it's used.  In other words, Apple sent you a used computer.  Did you buy this as a new computer or a refurbished one?  I would of refused it as being used and returned to Apple and calling up the charge card people and tell them to cancel the charge, etc.  But that's water under the bridge.  I think the best you can do is to go higher up and  press your side forcefully but politely and see what happens.  I can understand your blowing off steam here but your efforts should be directed toward Apple and exhaust all alternative.

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    Re: vertical pixel line isue.


    Has anyone had this issue resolved by apple?  If it is a known fault,why has apple not done more to resolve this. fault.


    I purchased my iMac 17" intel early 2006.....serial number starting CK6.


    It started with one vertical pixel line, now there is four on the display.

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    Re Vertical lines issue


    I have same problem. 

    Bought my iMac 17" intel in April 2007 in Apple store in London

    I've updated the OS programmes and am currently running version 10.7.5 - Lion


    About 6 months ago a pink vertical line appeared on the screen about 3" in  f rom left side. Went in to store genius bar. Was told its a vintage computer therefore no parts availbale to mend it!!

    They diirected me to a recognised repair shop nearby. Went there. They were amazed as they said "Apple know that we get our parts from them, so if they don't have the parts how could we!!"


    I continue to use it as if nothing wrong, but it worries me.  About 2 days ago a second line appeared an inch to the left of the pink one. This one is blue. 


    I am now really worried.


    Has anyone tried the solution offered by jimpow77 in post on April 5 2013 in this thread? I'm up for giving it a go but would like to hear others feed back. I'm not a geek just a normal computer user - BTW


    Yes, I am tempted by the latest iMac model, but I'm not rich and it would be a huge expense for me.


    Apart from these lines (and maybe in spite of them!) I love my Mac!! have I been brainwashed??

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    Hi I can guarantee that the fix I listed in an earlier post works 100% depending on what screen you go for you can increase the resolution to what is the equivalent of hd if you contact the company and give him the serial number he will tell you what you need to order I priced a proper apple replacement screen from the us the cost was 800 dollars you do the math hope this helps you I can provide before and after pictures if you provide your email cheers Jamie