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I am creating a simple movie out of photographs I have taken. I would like to add subtitles to the images. I have no problem doing so - my problem is having the titles extend over several images, instead of fading out or ending. For some reason, when I create a title, using the subtitle option, it won't allow it to last longer than 4:20. As each of my photos stay up for 5:25 at a time, and each "set" is about 4 photos long, I cannot get a title to extend over more than one photo.

I've looked in the help and at a few of the online discussions, and cannot seem to find anything that answers this specific question. Help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Hello, Loquos,
    Welcome to the discussions. Some titles have set lengths; Subtitle is one of them, and 4:20 is the maximum length. You can do a 'split video at playhead' on the frame just at the end of the subtitle, 4:21, and put the same subtitle on that new portion for the remainder of the photo(s). You may have to repeat this process if you want the same subtitle to run over several photos.