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Can I use my (USA) Mac Mini power adapter in Europe? Specs say the Mini is dual voltage, but the power adaptor reads 110w in the fine print. Do I need to buy a whole new power adapter for traveling with the Mini?

Mac Mini (new), Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    You can indeed use your US power adapter in Europe - it is suitable for 110-240v 50/60Hz mains supplies. All you need is a physical adapter to allow the plug to fit the wall sockets in whichever country you are visiting.
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    Hi Elisabeth

    I just wanted the facts from someone who´s done it, and connected a US macMini to an European Wall Socked - Did it fry? or did it work?

    Just got my own mac bought in the US - so I´m standing by, awaiting your report.


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  • AndyO Level 6 Level 6
    Yes, I have done this. All that was required was an adaptor to allow my US 3-pin plug to connect to the UK 3-pin socket. Worked perfectly.

    Note the "110w" marking on the adapter is 110 watts, not volts. Voltage is marked on the adaptor as I listed above.
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    Thank´s Andy

    Let´s hock it up!
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    Ive recently purchased a mac mini from the states and im need of assistance. Basically Ive got a simple 13A 250v UK adapter, but im scared of testing this out incase something goes wrong. Clearly throughout this thread its been stated that the voltage needs to be between 110-240v, so im guessing my 250v will not work.

    Apologies for such a stupid question, im just so excited about setting it up that i want to explore all possibilities and im in position to buy a different adapter at this point (i simply cannot wait until tomorrow!!).

    Also, whilst im here, i might as well ask another q. I bought a lacie hard drive mini hub and it has a simple figure of eight socket on the power supply, so can i simply use a uk figure of eight plug?
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    You don't need a 13v to 250v adapter to use the mini. All you need is a small adapter that will permit the 3-pin plug on the mini's power lead to connect to the power socket on the wall. If you're in the UK, places such as Maplins should have the right part, but in fact most electronic shops will have one, as will even some branches of Tescos etc.

    The mini's power 'brick' is capable of working with 110-240v, 50-60Hz, so there is no problem plugging it in, as long as you have the adapter you need for the physical connector to the socket.