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Hi there, is it possible to run 2 ipods off of 1 itunes ?


dell inspiron 6000, Windows XP
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    If you are adding a second iPod for your own use, just connect the new iPod to your computer and follow the on screen instructions. It will update from your existing library. Depending on the size of your library and the type of iPod you choose you can have it update all songs and playlists, selected playlists only or you can manage it manually.

    When the iPods belong to different people, there are basically three ways of using multiple iPods on a computer and these involve:
    a) Sharing a single iTunes library
    b) Creating Multiple Libraries in a single user account
    c) Creating multiple user accounts.

    Note: When you are sharing an iTunes library, you don't have to set each iPod to update in the same manner, you can mix and match from the options below as each iPod has it's own update settings

    Sharing a Library and/or User Account

    If you want to share the one library, you can set either or all of the iPods so that they only get updated with only certain playlists (you can update from more than one if you wish): Loading songs onto iPod automatically - Windows

    Choosing the update option "Sync Music - Selected playlists" allows you to create a playlist specifically for the iPod and drag the tracks you want into it. If you tire of the list and want to change it, you just add or remove the songs you don't want. The ones you take out out remain in the library to be used some other time if you choose. You can read more about playlists at these links:
    iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes

    Or you can choose to update any or all of the iPods manually and just drag whatever content you want to them: Managing content manually on iPod

    Loading the iPod shuffle differs slightly but it can still be used with the others, for details have a look at this page: Loading songs onto iPod shuffle - Windows

    Multiple Libraries

    It's also possible to have multiple libraries in a single account. To create or access a second (or more) library, hold down the Option key (or Shift key in Windows) when launching iTunes 7. In the resulting dialogue you will get the option to create a new library or navigate to the other Library.

    Note: You can only have one Library open at a time and iTunes will default to the last library opened if you don't use the keyboard command to choose one. This can prove tricky when using multiple iPods, if you don't use the keyboard command you can risk syncing to the wrong library: Using multiple iTunes libraries -Windows

    Separate User Accounts

    Another option is to create a separate User account for each person on your PC or Mac. Different accounts by definition would give you completely separate libraries. Each account has it's own iTunes folder, Library and iTunes Music folder and you load it with CDs etc just as you did with your original one. The iPod can be set to update however the owner chooses, sync all, manual or sync specific playlists

    I don't use Windows so I can't give you a step by step on that one, however I can point you to another web page which should help you out. You can read about Windows user accounts here:
    Using Windows XP User Accounts
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    I have four iPods that use the same iTunes Library. No Problem. iTunes knows they are all different and two are set up in "manual mode" and the shuffle updates from a playlist.
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    I returned one iPod to have it replaced, and recieved it back yesterday, but have no clue how to add all of my music into the new one. I connected it into the USB, but it kept telling me that iPod was corrupted or either it could'nt read the file. So now my iPod displays an exclamation mark with a folder, and can't get it to go away. I'm completing in a runt. Can someone give me advise or suggestions???? Oh and I've tried eveyrthing, believe me, tried everything several times. =/ Nothing worked for me.