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Hi all,

I just bought Logic Studio, but now I'm worrying that I can't use my large collection of VSTs and VSTis with it, according to the manual Logic can not act as a host for VST.

I have come from the world of Cubase, and had no idea about this.. so I'm not sure what to do, or if I'm missing something?

Any help greatly appreciated


Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Just bought and installed Logic Pro 8 myself, primarily being a curious Cubase 4 user. Luckily, most vsti also offer the complimentary AU version when you buy your license/when installing. If not, you can always buy the FxPansion VST to Au wrapper that makes most vsts act as AU at only a fractional processing cost.

    I did just this, and no third - party softsynths work yet. And there really are noone that knows what to do when things don't go as stipulated in the operation manual; or so it seems.
    I would like to add that all my third-party AU -effects do show up.

    It seems Apple has made some bugs with this?