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Ok here's the deal I have a PC with the latest iTunes and I cant see my iPhone in iTunes. I can charge and sync my iPod but the iPhone will only charge and sometimes not even that. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the usb devices and that still didnt work. The problem is with the services screen. I typed "services.msc" into the Run box,when I try to start the Apple Mobile Device it says" The Apple Mobile Device service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service". I went to the apple store and my iphone and cables are functioning properly can someone please help. I initially activated my phone on my work pc, my device shows up there and will sync but not on my laptop. I really want to sync my music can someone please help.

Dell Latitude D800, Windows XP, iTunes 7.4, XP SP2, USB 2.0 capable
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    the same thing is happening to me...for like 3 weeks now
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    well, i WAS having a similar problem. My phone would charge, but not be recognized by my computer. I tried EVERYTHING i could think of, so then i came here and ran across your thread.

    Turns out my "apple mobile device" process somehow got set to be disabled on startup. So i activated it, and it's working great again.

    I know that probably does not help you much, but i guess i just wanted to say thank you! I had been to the apple store and on the phone with the customer support guys, and i don't think any of them suspected something like that!
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    could you please post how you turned on the apple mobile device process? thanks
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    sure, i'll do it in steps:

    1) as the original poster mentioned, open "run" from the start menu, and run "services.msc".
    2)find "Apple Mobile Device".
    3)In the "status" column it will tell you if the process is started or not, and the "startup type" column will tell you if the process will start automatically when windows starts. I think the goal here is to set the status to "started" and the startup type to "automatic".
    4)To do this right click on this process, and then click on "Properties"
    5) In the "general" tab find the "startup type" drop-down arrow menu and make sure "automatic" is selected. Select it if it is not.
    6) Also in the general tab check the "service status". If it does not say "started" then click the start button.
    7) at the bottom of the properties window click "apply"

    That did it for me, and i hope it helps someone else out!
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    click start, run and type services.msc and click ok. Find Apple Mobile Device, highlight the item, right click and click start.

    Now who's gonna help me, see my post above. Cmon apple guys/girls!
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    i just noticed you are on a Mac... i'm not sure if the process is similar at all, but that is how you do it in Windows XP.

    Hope it at least gives you an idea... maybe someone on a Mac can fill in the details...
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    sorry, i didn't mean to hijack your thread... i wish i could return the favor, but your problem baffles me!
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    For Apple system... I had the same problem on my MacBook Pro. I searched my hard drive with Spotlight to find AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg - reinstalled it, restarted the system, repaired disk permissions - and now iTunes 7.4.2 recognizes my iPhone again.
    Hope this helps.