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Hello everyone.

So, I bought an Mbox 2 several years ago and have been using it with moderate success in conjunction with Pro Tools LE 7 since then. But I've never really fallen in love with the Pro Tools interface, and the new Logic Studio looked almost too good to pass up for only $500. My question is this:

If I purchase Logic Studio, will I be able to run it with my Mbox to acheive the same audio quality I was before? Or will I have to purchase a separate compatable interface?

Thank you all so much!

Macbook Pro 2.0 GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    Yes, all you gotta do is download the standalone core audio drivers from the Digidesign site, here:


    Takes all of five mintues to be up and running. Audio quality amazing. Good luck, bro!
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    You'll be able to use your Mbox and there'll be no audio quality difference. But you'll probably end up with another interface sooner than later because Digi Core Audio drivers are a little on the buggy side. Personnally, the latency created by a USB interface (vs a FW one) bother me and I hate the fact than 1 out of 3 times, when I plug the Mbox, my computer freezes. That's why I've been using a MOTU Ultralite for 6 months and I'm waiting for my Apogee Duet.
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    FWIW I tried a MOTU 8pre for about a week and it was **** on six pins. The worst latency like ever. I am guessing I may have got a bad unit that got through QC because everyone I know has raved about the quality. I'm interested to try another FW interface someday though.
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    Quite surprising. I'v used several MOTU interfaces (including Ultralite, 828mkII and Traveler) and I've been able to use them at 64 samples of latency without any problems.
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    thank you all so much! just one more question. I am an avid user of Reason, and love the program. Is Reason able to run in Logic through Rewire?
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    Beautiful. Thank you all.
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    You're welcome. And don't forget you can award us "starfish" (post answered or helpful) if some of our posts helped you.
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    Love to hear some short mp3s of Apogee DUET, MBOX(ES) WITH LOGIC. If you have any demosof work you'v done. Email me. I use Presonus Firebox. Love it. BUt may cross t Duet. May have to use Mbox pro 2 at work with Logic.
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    I have an Mbox 2 Factory and it's worked fantastic with non Apple software, i.e., Pro Tools LE, Reason 3.0 and Ableton Live 6.0. No problems at all and recording live audio with a condenser microphone was superb.

    Add Garageband and now Logic Pro 8, and I start having issues. Firstly, the audio that comes out starts getting tons of static making mastering impossible. Then recording live audio with a condenser microphone yields poor results of which I can't control with any settings. I've tried incessantly to get this to work, perused countless threads and I've found the same kinds of problems with other people.

    Seeing that Apogee's Duet has it's own destination page on apple.com, I am going to assume that the Duet is to Logic Pro as Mbox is to Pro Tools.

    It's obvious that Apple is trying to corner the market in pro audio, and why not? And if that is truly the case, why allow that competitor's hardware to work perfectly with the software that is trying to corner that market that a competitor's hardware already holds?

    I'm going to buy a Duet. It looks cooler, is way smaller and since I perform live anyway, another mbox type device can't do any more harm than good.

    Long story short?

    I suggest getting the Duet with your Logic Pro 8. Apple will make sure it works perfectly.

    As for your Mbox? I'm sure you'll get some use out of it if you're using audio software other than Apple's, and good luck trying to find core audio drivers that aren't buggier than a rain forest in Brazil.