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I am trying to set up my wifes dell laptop to access my airport wireless network. i am not off to a great start. i am pompted for a username and password for the network. where do i find this information. i am looking all over my mac and i cant find it. any ideas?

power Book G4, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Hello Klayman42. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    I assume that your wireless network is encrypted (WEP or WPA) ... correct? If so, then the "username" is the wireless Network Name (or SSID), and the password would be the one created when the encryption was set up.

    If you don't remember the password, you can retrieve it from your Keychain as follows:
    o Run the Keychain Access utility found in \Applications\Utilities
    o In the category column (on the left side of the utilities' window), select "All Items."
    o In the right column look for your Network Name. It will have a "Kind" of "AirPort network password."
    o Double-click on your network name listing.
    o Click on "Show password."
    o Enter your Mac's administrator's password
    o Your wireless network's password should now be displayed.
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    tesserax, thanks for your help. you nailed it. follow up question: where do i find my username? i tried to enter the apple network name as listed in the keychain but apparently that is not what "outlook" is looking for. i realize that this is outside of your world. i may have to call microsoft. i am just trying to avoid that experience.
    thanks in advance
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    Ok, for "outlook," I assume you mean Microsoft's Outlook, the messaging client used in the corporate world ... correct?

    If so, then "username/password" would relate to the email account's credentials. This I can't help you with. By default, most corporate Outlook clients are configured to connect to their home Exchange email server. Outlook also can be configured for other types of email accounts, like HTTP-based ones like Hotmail. Again, the credentials is specific for that account.