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Hi All,

I am trying to write a script that I can place in the dock that will perform two actions. The first action is to mount a sharepoint, the second is to launch an application.

I have been very successful at doing this on my iMac (Intel). The script works under any user.

However, I have a lab of 26 Mac Minis (Intel) and the script won't work!!

Here's my script (it's simple!):


tell application "Finder"
mount volume "afp://ok-xserve-01.mpcsd.org/Apps" as user name "[user]" with password "[password]"
end tell

launch application "Type To Learn 3"


Of course, I replace the items in brackets with their appropriate values.

I save the script as an application. When I try to run it on any of the Mac Minis, I get the following error message:

'"afp://ok-xserve-01.mpcsd.org/Apps" doesn't understand the <<event aevtmvol>> message'

I've tried it w/o "as user..." and also in the form of "afp://user:pass@server/share" but all returns the error message above.

I even logged in as the user on one of the lab computers, created the script, and it ran! As soon as I logged off and logged back in, it stopped working.

These systems, along with my iMac, are bound to an Open Directory & Active Directory, and authenticate via Active Directory.

I can log in as the lab user on my iMac, and the script will work every time I launch it. It'll work as any user on my iMac.

Any ideas? If you need more info let me know!


iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac OS X (10.4.10)