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My computer recently unexpectedly crashed and I took it to an Authorized Apple Service Provider, and they, without consulting me, put in a new hard drive and got rid of the old one. As much as I appreciated the fact that my computer was "fixed," they had gotten rid of 80 gigs worth of precious data. When I asked where the old hard drive was, they said that "Apple had it now." So I guess my question is, how can I get my hard drive back and is there any way to get my data back?

G4 Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    i'm going to re-ask this question without it sounding inappropriate... sorry, Apple! I'm just worried is all!
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    Hi, iclemeyer. A slow learner myself, I'm going to respond again despite the hosts' removal of your original thread, probably in part because my reply was as far outside the bounds of the Discussions TOU as the question is. The short answer is, you probably can't get either the drive or your data back, and the lesson is "Always back your data up while you can." But take the matter up with the service provider, because no one here stands any chance of being able to help you.