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My computer hard drive had all my iTunes music (including purchases) wiped out. I still have all the songs on my iPod and want to sync the songs back onto the computer - I cannot find any commands that will let me do that. I am afraid to connect my iPod to the computer for concerns that it will wipe out all the music I've loaded. With all the iPods out there I can't be the first person for this to occur. How do I do a reverse download to get the music back on my computer???????

Dell Laptop, Windows XP Pro
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    Please assist
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    i have the same problem on my hands. i just baught an ipod touch and i want all my songs off my 30 gb ipod video. and i Definetly dont feel like re-downloading 1922 songs. someone help us!
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    Hi Guys

    I have the same question but with different circumstances. I lost my itunes with all my music loaded when I gave my laptop back when I left a job. I also have my ipod with thousands of songs that I want to load into itunes on a new laptop. I hope someone can help.
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    Alright, finally, something I can help with!

    All of you I can easily help.

    I have a program called "SharePod", go look it up on Google.com

    It is very safe to download, I have used it personally. It causes no problems or viruses, and it took me a good 20 minutes prior to the three hours I had to spend on my last computer.

    If you have any questions about SharePod, let me know. It's very easy to figure out, but there is never a question top silly to be asked!
    Hope this helps!
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    For iTunes version 7 or later, then you can transfer purchased iTunes store music from the iPod to an authorized computer by using the "file/transfer purchases from iPod" menu. Note that the maximum of 5 authorized computers applies here.

    Find out how to do that here.

    How to copy iTunes purchases from an iPod to a computer.

    For all other non purchased content (your own CDs etc) try this method which works on some Windows PCs.

    Enable your iPod for disk use.

    See: iPod Disk Use.

    Open iTunes and select edit/preferences/advanced/general. Put a check mark in the box marked "copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library" and also "keep iTunes music folder organized", then click 'ok'.

    Connect the iPod whilst holding down the shift/ctrl keys to prevent any auto sync, and if you see the dialogue window asking if you want to sync to this itunes library, click 'no'.

    Then go to file/add folder, open 'my computer', select your iPod and click 'ok'.

    The music files should transfer to your iTunes.

    If this doesn't work (and it may not because officially it's not supposed to), check out the instructions/suggestions here.

    Music from iPod to computer (using option 2). This a manual method using "hidden folders" and although it works, it is a little more involved than other methods.

    Much easier ways are to use one of the many 3rd party programs that copy music from the iPod to the computer.

    One of the most recommended is Yamipod. This is a free program that transfers music from iPod back to the computer. However, it does not transfer playcounts/ratings etc.

    Another free program is Pod Player.

    SharePod is also freeware.

    If you want to recover just the structure of playlists from the iPod (and not the actual song files themselves), there's iRepo for Windows. which I understand has this feature along with all the standard features for these programs.

    iPodRip also has the feature enabling you to reconstruct playlists.
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    Thanks to everyone out there, who responded either with a similar problem or a solution Yes, it is possible to download your iPod library from your iPod onto your computer hard drive!

    I went to Best Buy and purchased TunePlus 2.0 and was able to transfer every song from my iPod onto the computer hard drive - it was $19.99 and in my opinion well worth the cost! I had almost 900 songs on my iPod. It works real well. There was another software package there but I went with TunePlus 2.0 because it was made by Broderbund - the other one was from a company that I never heard of before.

    iPod support said that they don't support the transfer of files from the iPod onto another computer - So that they don't have people downloading libraries onto other people's computer.
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    Just curious to know why, after I gave you at least 5 free options, you chose to spend money?