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We have bought a new netgear ADSL+2 modem router and I cannot get my imac G4 8oo, fitted with an airport card to connect. My ibook connects just fine, as does my partner's PC and laptop. It worked OK with our old Belkin Router, but despite me trying to configure the network settings as on the ibook, it keeps saying that the password is wrong! any suggestions please.

Imac G4 , ibook G4, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
  • mrtotes Level 6 Level 6


    Do you have WEP or WPA encryption?


    If MAC address blocking is enabled have you added the iMac's MAC Address into the router?





  • Mette Gauguin Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks, I'll try that. It looks as if is WPA.
  • Mette Gauguin Level 1 Level 1
    Hi, The router says it is 128-bit WEP encryption WPA-PSK. MAC address blocking is not set. We did not enter MAC addresses for the other computers.

    I still cannot connect my imac. Thanks Mette
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    You must use a 13-character password if you are using 128bit WEP.


    If you are using WPA-Pre Shared Key then this rule does not apply.


    WPA is the stronger encryption.



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    We have used a 13 character password, I have read that 802.11g wireless can't be used by Macs under 1GHz, mine is a 800 MHz G4 imac, could this be the issue?
    If this is so is there any way around this?

    Thanks Mette
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    Yes the iMac G4 800MHz is Airport (802.11b). That said my Belkin router is 802.11b/g and will work fine with my iMac G4 Airport Extreme (802.11g) and my Powerbook G4 Airport (802.11b). If you connect the iMac G4 to an Ethernet port on the router can it connect to the Internet then?


    Do you have DHCP enabled and what range of IP addresses may it allocate?


    Are you Manually entering an IP in System Preferences?



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    I have tried connecting via ethernet...no luck. I have tried every combination in the network pane of systems preferences, tried manually entering the IP address and also via DHCP. Tried restarting, all I get when I try to connect is an error message.

    I'm not sure what you mean by enabling DHCP, on my imac (OSX 10.2.8) the only choices I get in the drop down menu in the network pane under TCP/IP are: 1. Manually 2. Using DHCP with manual IP address 3. Using DHCP 4. Using BootP I have tried all combinations of the first 3. I don't know what BootP is. I don't seem to have the option which is on my ibook to renew the DHCP lease.

    I am stumped!! thanks for your help so far.