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Clayton Rhoades Level 1 (40 points)
I'm embarrassed b/c I have a feeling there is an easy answer.

Is it possible to enable a traditional "right click" with the mouse like with a pc?

It seems when I right click on the mouse that came with my new imac that it seems to do the same thing as a left mouse click. If I want to do a "right click" like with a PC, I find that I must hold down the "command key" and do a left click. I would really like a traditional "right click" if possible.

Thanks for the help.

I-mac 24" 2.8ghs intel core 2 duo, 4gb sdram, 1tb hard drive, Mac OS X (10.4.10), 80 gb ipod, 60gb ipod, shuffle, apple tv
  • John Bryan4 Level 2 (405 points)
    Go to System Preferences...Keyboard and Mouse Pane. Once there, click on the "Mouse" tab. You can configure your mouse there.

    Hope this solves your problem.
  • Darksol360 Level 1 (50 points)
    When I switched I had the same question so no worries! *System Preferences* in your Dock, then *Keyboard & Mouse*, second row, fifth icon to the right. Highlight the mouse tab, change the right side of the Mighty Mouse drop down menu to Secondary.

    Quick tip, you have to have your finger lifted off of any other button to utilize this function. For example, your index finger cannot be "clicked" on the primary button to use the secondary button, and vice-versa. Mechanically, it's only one button, but I think there is two separate sensor under there.

    Takes some time to get used to, but I love it!