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I have just plugged in an ipod mini that I have not used in a while (I have another one that I use regularly with no probs). It synced up with my computer, but the music file names are in gray, not black. When I click them, they will not play. I cannot drag a music file into it either. It just won't accept them. I have restored and everything. Anyone out there who can help?

mini, Windows XP
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    Grey text when you look at the content and a lock symbol at the bottom of the screen just indicates that the iPod is set to update automatically (sync). If you want to play the iPod songs through iTunes, delete songs from the iPod, drag songs from iTunes, add playlists to the iPod etc. you need to change the update setting to "manually manage songs and videos". The text will change from grey to black and everything will be directly accessible through iTunes:
    Managing content manually on iPod
    iPod 101: Fill 'er Up

    Something to remember about using an iPod in manual mode is that the "Do Not Disconnect" message will remain on the display until you physically eject the device. In that case use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows system tray on the desktop and check this link for alternative methods: Safely Disconnect IPod