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Sorry if this is a noob question, i just have never bothered to clarify this fact before. I have an Apple 20in Cinema display. Is the DVI connector on it a DVI-I or DVI-D type. I'm not sure what the difference is but there is obviously one so i figured i'd ask.

Thanks in advance!

Powerbook G4 1.67GHz 160GB 2GB, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • japamac Level 7 Level 7

    Welcome to Discussions!

    The ACD uses DVI-D, digital only connector.

    The difference, as explained in an article from the Apple Kbase:
    "The DVI standard allows manufacturers to incorporate VGA signals into the DVI port. This variation of DVI is called DVI-I. The DVI-D and DVI-I connectors appear identical except for a single connector 'key'. The key on DVI-I connectors forms a plus sign, while on DVI-D connectors it forms a minus sign."

    Because digital signal is passed in both DVI-I and DVI-D, a DVI-D male connector can be used with either DVI-I or DVI-D females. A DVI-I male connector, though, can only be used with a DVI-I female.

    For more about DVI connections:
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Does that mean that I can use a ACD 20" on my G$ since it has a DVI-D port on my original Rage 128 Pro video card? Or will I have to upgrade my video card still, making sure the new one has a DVI-D port on it so I can use the 20" ACD?

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    Sorry about that last post - after reading your reply again it seems to me that a video card such as the ATI Radeon 9800 with a DVI-I connector WOULD be compatible with the DVI_D male connector on the 20" ACD. Right?

  • Malcolm Rayfield Level 7 Level 7
    The display will plug in, but the Rage 128 Pro is an old card and may not be able to run at the resolution needed for a 20" or larger display.
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    I have a 30 inch display. I am looking for a medium extenstion cable so as I can move the tower away for the sake of noise in my recording setup. Would I be looking for a DVI-I or DVI-D. ? Or that's not a issue in this case ?
    Thanks Al
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    Hi 30inch-

    Welcome to Discussions!

    To extend the cable on the ACD, a cable such as that which Gefen offers will serve the purpose. At issue with the 30", is the dual link requirement. As well, with all ACD's, the USB connection is important. The firewire is for convenience, more than anything, but is included in the cable set from Gefen.
    The booster that is included, is important to keep signal strength, and maintain picture clarity over the distance of the cable.

    With distances of less than 10', one might get by with a quality dual link DVI-D (or DVI-I) connected cable, though the issue of signal strength may be a performance limiting factor. The picture quality and monitor performance from a passive (non-boosted) cable, will be determined by the strength, or weakness of the graphics card.
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    Thanks japamac
    I have the 1st nVIDIA 6800 Ultra 256mb card that was availble at the time. It will run 2-30inch displays. Is that of any concern vers distance. Do I take the length of the cable on the ADC and combine that with the gefen cable not to excede 10ft. Or just no more than a 10ft extension?
  • japamac Level 7 Level 7

    You're Welcome!
    The length will be the combined total, with a little loss (added resistance) for the multiple connectors.
    The 6800 may help the situation, as it has the power to drive two displays. Extending one display may yield better results than a lesser card without booster.
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    Again japa
    Thanks 30 inch
  • ToyCollector Level 1 Level 1
    I am installing a 30 inch ACD. So far, it works perfectly with my MacBook Pro. However, I'm stuck on getting it to work with my windows machine. Win machine has an ATI X1950 Crossfire card in it but when i hook it up, it seems to have no vertical synch. I can sort of get some display if I set it to 800X600 or 1024 x 768 but i get multiple copies of the screen and it looks pretty horrible.

    Does anyone have some good advice?
  • japamac Level 7 Level 7

    Are you using WinACD?
  • ToyCollector Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the advice!! I downloaded from SF and installed the 3 programs. I can now display in 1024X768 but can't get anything higher than that.

    In Display Properties - Settings - Advanced, there is now and Apple Controls tab but it shows "None Present" under Virtual Control Pannel.

    I have a feeling there should be some thing there.

    I also have more choices at higher resolutions but none of them result in a display.

    Ideas or more good advice?

    Thanks again
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    The restriction in resolution was due to my KVM switch. I was using the Belkin F1DD102U 4x1 KVM switch. It says that it is a DVI-D switch which i think means it is a dual link switch. From the connectors, it sure looks like one (using Wiki as a reference for what they ¨should¨ look like. On the belkin site, it does show that it has limits on the resolution that won't go to the highest resolution but i can't get it to work above 1024x800 which seems like a single link kind of a problem.

    Regardless, it looks like i need a new KVM switch. I've seen the ridiculously expensive Gefen options but does anyone have a recommendation for a 4x1 kvm that is known to work with the 30 inch cinema display?????

    I need to connect my macbook pro and several XP machines (which have dual link graphics cards)

    Thanks for any assistance!!
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