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I originally only had one accout (the main admin account) with filevault.
I wanted to get rid of the login page but being new to macs, didn't know how to and initially just removed the main password (made it blank) which I NOW know it's important not to do but don't know why.

I then tried to turn off filevault and it started decrypting the files.

BUT ... when I returned to the computer, it had the login screen but wouldn't accept either my new (blank) password or my original administrator's password.

After 3 attempts, I get the dialog box asking me to make a new password (which I accessed by using my old admin password), but will not accept ANY new password. It does it's shake thing to say no and resets.

I have managed to create a new account (admin privelidges as well) but all the files (pictures etc have been locked out (by filevault I assume) and in the 'accounts' selection in system preferences, the 'Reset password' box for my original account is greyed out and I can not select it.

Can anyone suggest a way I can get back on to it ?
Even if I can retrieve my files that are currently locked out (pictures, work documents, music etc) I'd be happy as I have this new account.
I'm an idiot that hasn't backed up all this stuff so am desperate for help !!!


Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.10), 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD ...
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    Hi and Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    Have you tried your Master Password? (IF you have set one up that is! - AND you know what the password is!)
    Sys. Prefs. > Security > and check if you have set one up previously. - (It will say so in that box).
    I hope that this works, as FileVault, if corrupted, is pretty much gone from your life.

    Best of luck,

    Apple link .. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Mac/10.4/en/mh1909.html

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    Hi - I hope you've re-gained access to your account. If not, try Disk Utility to repair files and permissions by booting from the DVD and see if that will re-set any errors in your password and sparse image file -(your FileVault folder).
    Also, to correct my first post to you, you will have a Master Password, as this is necessary when you first set up FileVault. So, if you know this password, enter a wrong password three times to get the prompt for "reset password" along with any "hint" you may have created for your account password, click on "Reset Password" and enter the Master Password and see if this gives you the "open door".
    Note that you may reset the Master Password but this will not allow you to then use this to gain entry, in other words, use the original Master Password!
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    Try this link, from a reply posted after yours - thanks to baltwo - don't know if it would apply to your password problems, but your issue may be due to the image being at fault rather than the password itself.

    +Post feedback whether it works or not, as it is helpful to all as to what gets a result.+

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    Thank you 'Bob'syouruncle' ... you have solved my problem (partially).

    I now have access to all of my files - it appears your diagnosis of there being a problem with filevault was correct.

    My original account along with it's password is still (and most probably) lost for good.

    I appreciate your help.