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I originally only had one accout (the main admin account) with filevault.
I wanted to get rid of the login page but being new to macs, didn't know how to and initially just removed the main password (made it blank) which I NOW know it's important not to do but don't know why.

I then tried to turn off filevault and it started decrypting the files.

BUT ... when I returned to the computer, it had the login screen but wouldn't accept either my new (blank) password or my original administrator's password.

After 3 attempts, I get the dialog box asking me to make a new password (which I accessed by using my old admin password), but will not accept ANY new password. It does it's shake thing to say no and resets.

I have managed to create a new account (admin privelidges as well) but all the files (pictures etc have been locked out (by filevault I assume) and in the 'accounts' selection in system preferences, the 'Reset password' box for my original account is greyed out and I can not select it.

Can anyone suggest a way I can get back on to it ?
Even if I can retrieve my files that are currently locked out (pictures, work documents, music etc) I'd be happy as I have this new account.
I'm an idiot that hasn't backed up all this stuff so am desperate for help !!!


Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.10), 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD ...