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After charging the iPhone overnight, it was hot and all I have is a black screen -- it won't turn on and I can't reset it. I tried to connect to iTunes, but it's not recognized at all. Is there anything else I can try or should I take it into the store?


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    thats what happened to mine after charging then the battery discharged while charging then the phone went dead and i couldnt turn it on. called apple and they are sending me a loaner phone and get mine repaired.
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    i took the phone into the store and they couldn't get anything from it . . . they gave me a knew one.

    Contrary to what i've heard, the customer service was excellent, both on the phone and in person.

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    I had the same thing happen to my iphone! I was using a Kensington car charger/fm transmitter and thought maybe that is what caused it. The iphone got very hot toward the sim card slot on the top of the phone. It stayed cool toward the bottom of the phone. I have been using my iphone for the past two weeks and have used it several times with the Kensington car charger/fm transmitter successfully. I guess I will take my iphone back to the AT&T Store and exchange it. Oh, my Kensington charger is not working now either.
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    My guess is that the charger is what caused your problem. There have been others who have reported similar issues when using third party chargers or other accessories.

    As far as taking the phone back to the ATT store, that will be a no go... They will refer you to apple since apple is responsible for all repairs.

    Good luck...