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My 1st generation shuffle died. It was working fine one day then the next day dead. Battery indicator doesn't light up, The yellow and green lights don't come on. When I plug it in to my computer nothing comes up. This morning the green and yellow lights on the front where very faint so I tried to use the reset utility program. When that starts the yellow light on the front comes on, and the reset program says waiting for the shuffle to restart, it ran all day, and nothing happened.

Is my shuffle dead, can I fix it? Any help!!!

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.9), iPod Shuffle 1st Gen
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    mines dead too
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    What are you going to do about yours? Garbage it? I like the 1st generation because you can use it as a mass storage and plug it into any computer, you don't need a cord. Any suggestions?
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    The only thing left to try is to plug it into a known good charging source and just leave it there for several hours. It will either come back to life or it won't.

    Things to do? Well, you can buy a battery for it online, get instructions on how to replace it, and give that a try.

    You can purchase a brand-new one, which will probably turn out to be an Apple Refurb. My original one (Apr '05) still works, aside from decreased audio out of the right channel and an unwillingness to play some ITMS purchased tracks, and I'm using it only for podcasts and books at the moment. I scored a new one for $39 online, which registered up just fine online for its year's warranty and which is a nice strong machine.

    Note that that price got me only the body and cap, no manuals or earbuds or Apple decals or anything else. OTOH, the price included shipping ...

    You can also get them on eBay. Caveat emptor there, as always.