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Is there a way for, perhaps Apple, to deauthorize all my computers and devices for my iTunes account? I have 2 computers, an iPod and an iPhone that are all "authorized" to use my songs in my iTunes account. However, the 2 computers cannot be authorized at the same time. Technically, before I shut down a computer I deauthorize it, so that I won't have trouble "authorizing" the iPod/iPhone when I sync them on the other computer. In a way I guess I have had a total of 6-7 devices authorized on my account...however, I no longer own 2 computers that I used to have iTunes on, seeing as they died and I dismantled them I know no one is using the authorized account.

So is there a way for Apple just to "deauthorize" all my devices, so that I can go in and manually re-authorize the 4 devices I currently work with?

Presario SR1834NX, Windows XP
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    I am having the exact problem but with 1 iPOD, a new Vista machine and an old machine I no longer have access to. I cannot even get all my songs on my iPOD to synch on the new machine. Only purchased songs. Further, in all the time I have had my iPOD, this is only the second account I am trying to activate.

    In the iTUNES store, you are suppose to be able to access your account by logging on. Once in there, there is SUPPOSE to be a button to deactivate all accounts according to articles in support. However, this button is not available to me. Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated as I have days working on the same issue.
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    I talked to a genius, he said contacting Apple directly through iTunes support or something like that and asking them to deauthorize all computers ... they can do it once or twice. Just don't get too carried away with it since they don't do it a lot. As a side note, he also mentioned that your computers will get deauthorized, but next time you sync your iPod you may lose all your songs on the iPod itself ... but it'll be fine because you'll just sync them all back to it from your iTunes library as if using the iPod for the first time.

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    You can only deauthorize all devices through your iTunes account if you have authorized the maximum number (5 computers). iPods/iPhones aren't "authorized" and don't count toward this number. You can deauthorize any individual computer through iTunes. Go the Store menu and click on "Deauthorize this computer". You can't have "6-7" devices authorized as the maximum is 5.

    Having multiple computers authorized doesn't, in and of itself, have any effect with your ability to use an iPod with that computer or another computer. That is determined by whether you have your iPod set to sync or are manually managing your music.
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    I guess my problem may be a bit more complex. I have only authorized my iPOD to one computer previously. I have absolutely no access to that computer any longer and it contained my original libraries and play lists.

    Now I have a new computer. I authorized this computer, but if I sync this PC to my iPOD, I will loose all of my prior music already on my iPOD, except of purchased songs. I do not have back up CD's to all of the songs on my iPOD.

    I am trying to find a way to sync my new PC to my iPOD and not loose any music. When I go into the iTUNES store to deauthorize a computer, the button to give me that option is not available to me either. So I am at a loss on how to get my old music, that is currently on my iPOD onto my new PC.

    Any assistance is really, really appreciated.