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I purchased a MacBook Pro last December in the US. The display has developed a pair of white spots, each about the size of a finger print where it looks like the screen has been bleached. The spots are located a little below the center of the screen on the vertical axis and at about one-thirds and two-thirds of the way across horizontally looking from left to right. These spots seem to have appeared within the past two weeks and are most prominent under a white or gray background. The display is glossy. Have others here encountered this problem?

While the machine is still under warranty, I will be in France until the warranty expires. Any suggestions on what to do?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    A very small white spot, about the size of 1 mm, that popped up a few weeks ago. It's also only visible on light or white areas. I suspect it is because of some dirt behind the screen from the manufacturing process that has somehow messed up the backlighting. Why it wasn't visible when the machine was brand new, I don't know.

    I'll probably send it in when I have collected enough annoyances (apart from this and a defective brightness key).
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    i have that on my Apple Cinema Display (aluminum) and i brought it into the applestore first awhile ago when i noticed it was the size of nickel now it it sort of faint and the size of a thumb tack (couldnt figure out a better comparison hah!) and the apple store genius tech said its definitely warrantied alone replaceable or repairable, im sure theyd take it apart to make sure there was no damage done by the user, but i havent sent it off yet (2 weeks+ without a monitor) as i dont have a secondary screen to use.

    but its definitely a defect that is covered.
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    I have a similar problem with my Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.33ghz.


    I want to know if Apple will replace it or not. If they will, it would be great to know if they could upgrade it to a Glossy. (of course with some compensation)
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    I thought I was going crazy when I recently discovered the two spots (exactly where you described). At first I thought there were fingerprints, after numerous attempts at cleaning them, I started to think it's my eyes, LOL! Then I searched "spots on macbook pro screen," and found this. I guess I am just sounding off that I have the same problem. I guess I'll wait until I either I can't stand it anymore or I have a chance to go to an apple store (located in another city from me)... Anyways, thought I get some users' support and give some non-technical support.

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    I have the exact problem with mine. I spoke with Apple Support last night and because mine is within the 90 day they have arrange to have it looked at. I hope they replace the screen. Mine is a Glossy LED. I should have it back in two weeks.
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    Same problem here. Two bleached spots suddenly appeared exactly after warranty has ended. I'll try to have it looked after nevertheless.
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    I had the same problem with my previous Macbook.. when I bought it (May 06) I noticed the problem in the lower right corner but didn't pay too much attention.. it didn't bothered me that much and in fact it looked like it was something form the LCD backlight. Then a few months later they "reproduced" .. new baby spots appeared near the middle of the screen lol..

    Call apple and insist on getting it covered under warranty.
    Eventually Apple replaced my computer but that was because It had a few more problems than that (hard drive, motherboard, 3 top cases, battery, charger and the LCD...)
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    I have a small white spot also. 3 month old computer.......UGH!! Does Apple replace this without trouble?? Hope so...... Do the spots "grow" or stay the same size and mutate all over? (not sure how fast I need to run to my local apple store)
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    I thought I had the same problem and that the problem was hardware related, until I noticed that the blotches were exactly over the brightest points of my background image. Try switching to a black background and see if your problem is cleared up.