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There seems to be a lot of concern about the battery life of the iTouch. A couple of quick things to point out working with the battery industry:

1. When you first get your iTouch charge it completely before doing anything! Even though you'll want to turn it on and play with it right away with any charge it was shipped with, you'll want to bypass that and charge it up fully right out of the box.

2. This step is critical. Once fully charged, play with, use, mess with the iTouch until it is fully discharged from your initial charge in step 1. DON'T recharge the battery until you have drained it completely after the first charge! Although many claim that new no memory Li-Ion batteries don't have memory problems and it shouldn't matter, it does. Trust me.

3. After fully discharging, charge it completely again. You should now have the battery set to give you maximum performance and rechargability for the life of the battery. Enjoy.

Also, here is a good alternative option for a portable power source from APC (as well as other markets). I have used mine with all of my iPods and Nanos and it works great. Best of all it can found in most Office Depots, Staples, or Office Max stores. No special ordering and waiting. If you are going on a long trip plug this in first. It will power the device saving the device battery for last. This will help prolong the life of your battery. Also, your USB iPod power cord plugs right in the top. You don't need any special adapters.


Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the guide. Although I still have a bunch of questions:
    When charging the iPod for the first time:
    -When I first plug the iPod to my USB port, it will synch with my iTunes library automaticlly (I think so...), isn't that a problem?
    -For how long do I need to charge it for the first time? (I usually charge for full 12 hours, some say 6 is enough though)
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    Having it sync to your library right off the bat isn't neccessarily bad. The key is just to leave it plugged into your power/USB source until the battery is fully charged. You can even mess with it while it's charging and it won't effect it as long as you leave it plugged in. The iTouch shows a battery icon on the screen that will go from red to yellow to green until the picture of the battery is completely green. Then you know it is fully charged. There is no need to leave it on past this point and any additional time just sitting there does not benefit the battery. It should charge in about 3-4 hours.

    If you want to avoid the sync process you can select the option to only "manually" update your iPod in iTunes. This bypasses the automatic sync when you plug it in. Or plug your iTouch in using either a USB outlet on a seperate computer/laptop that doesn't have iTunes on it (if you have one). No iTunes, no sync. You can also buy the AC plug adapter that allows you to use the iTouch USB sync cable and an AC outlet. Almost any store has them, or has an accessory kit that includes one. This will also charge it without it syncing to your computer. I usually use the AC plug with my iPod/Touch if I just need to charge it and don't have any updates to my library that I want added or changed on the unit.

    Hope this helps.
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    quote from dadofgirls
    "Although many claim that new no memory Li-Ion batteries don't have memory problems and it shouldn't matter, it does. Trust me."

    Sorry dude but I think you might be wrong with the above quote. these batteries work on a cycle system. If you use 80% of the battery and then charge it up to full you still need to use 20% to complete 1 cycle. 100% discharge = 1 cycle however you use it. 47% used then recharge needs anther 53% to be used for another cycle to be chalked up. Appe wont say how many cycles but its a **** of a lot. You are getting confused with old batteries, especially sonys.

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    Charge Cycles

    A properly maintained iPod battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 400 full charge and discharge cycles. You may choose to replace your battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs.
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    rebusuber, there is accuracy to your statement. Dude, thanks for correctly pointing out the facts that Apples states on their battery life. However, I am referring to the first full charge and discharge out the box. Notice, I did not say everytime you charge the Ipod you have to do this process, but the very first charge and discharge. Subsequent charges and cycles after that to which you refer are supposedly on a cycle basis. Time will tell.

    Also, there are wild claims by Apple of these batteries providing up to 22 hours of music playback. Uh huh. Most early users are claiming an average of 8 or less, even with settings set to lowest power usage. Some have reported only 4 hours. Each person can make the decision they want for themselves, and based on their own expertise or knowledge base. I choose to err on the side of caution and 1 full charge and full discharge to put my mind at ease is worth the extra time to do it, the peace of mind that I have done everything I can to make sure my battery gives me maximum performance, and for as long as possible.

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    I believe you're correct to suggest a full charge/discharge/charge cycle before first use. However, the extended (or rather more normal) hours of usage it gives is more down to calibrating the power management unit (as with a laptop) than kicking the battery's chemistry into action.

    Bottom line is the cycle helps battery life.
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    A quick question: if this first charging process is so critical to the future performance of the product why does Apple not place a huge sticker or leaflet in the box telling you to charge it before you do anything else?
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    Thanks for your advice. I do agree that on the very first charge it should be fully charged before usuage and discharge it for the first time. That's what I did with my Ipod Nano (2nd Gen.) and honestly, the battery performance is still perfect.
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    Do you have any association with the company selling the chargers you posted the link for?

    You are breaking the rules by the way by posting a link to a commercial site, read the Terms and Conditions.