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I recieved my ipod today and the first time i played a song on it, it froze. I decided to do a restore on it so i held the power button & home button, then began to download the ipod firmware update.

During the restore phase it says "Prepairing ipod for restore" it does this for a few minutes and they says, "The ipod "ipod" cannot be restored, unknown error (1604)."

Does anyone know what this means? how to fix it? anything at all? ive tried everything i could find and i just wont update.

Also sometimes the error changes from 1604 to 1603.
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Windows XP Pro
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    I get the same error: it's too late at night to call support, but I believe the unit is bricked.

    iPod touch starts up, a bright white horizontal line flashes across the screen, it shuts down, restarts.

    Attempt to restore shows "plug device into iTunes" icon, then when iTunes starts, it detects the iPod touch is in "restore" mode. iTunes downloads the update, starts 'preparing iPod touch for restore", the little 'busy' indicator on the iPod Touch starts to animate (the circle made up of the little sun-ray lines animates) but then it stops animating (freezes). Eventually, the iTunes says "Unknown problem (error 1603)". Repeated attempts fail similarly.
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    i had this problem too. what worked for my was, go to settings, then go to general i think, then erase everything on the ipod from there. then try restoring it again.
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    I had the same problem to. I connected my ipod and itunes did not recognize it. I tried to restore it but a few minutes in it says could not restore, unknown error (1604). I phoned technical support and the guy said take it back an get a new one - I did and the same thing happened! Can anyone help? I cant do anything with it!

    Please help!
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    What's the serial number on the ipod?
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    Hi, no offense or anything, but what do you need my serial number for?

  • pputnam Level 3 (585 points)
    Just wondering if it was one of the week 37 ones and if you should jus return it and then order one from the online Apple store.
    Sounds like that's what you should do regardless.
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    ok - i guess the week 37 ones have some kind of problem etc.

  • razorianfly Level 2 (390 points)
    an error occurs in the middle or at an attempt of a restore because you have a corrupt item on the iPod Touch.

    Goto Settings -> General -> Reset

    This will wipe the touch of all media. Now you can try a restore again

    If it doesn't work after that, uninstall/re-install iTunes (the latest). Retry a restore.

    After that, contact Apple Care.
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    Try doing the restore function on another computer, or take it an Apple store and have them do it for you. Your ipod needs a new environment to finish the restore.
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    WOW Thanks so much for that general restore thing on the touch, I didn't think that was possible and I was totally freaking out, as you can imagine, after my iPod wasn't working on the second day.... wow.
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    This is great advice, as I am having the exact same problem! But I cannot get access into my iPod Touch at all. The only image on the screen is either the 'plug into iTunes' or the silver apple on a black screen.

    Any other suggestions? Is there any other way that I can reset the Settings?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Where is the settings? Is it the iTunes preferences? Please somebody tell me because I am having the same issue.
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    Hey everyone... I was getting the same error and I wanted to pass along to you a fix that I found.

    I got the same exact error while trying to restore my ipod touch... I found that the problem was Windows not the iPod or iTunes. I just restarted Windows and checked the status of the ipod service.

    Connected the ipod after restart and it restored as expected. Good luck to ya all!