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have connected the MM to an optical input on my Yamaha RX-V659, but I can´t get no sound.

Mac-side: After connecting and turning on, "System Prefs -> Sound -> Output" has changed to Digital Output and says that no output controls are available for this output. I have tried playing from iTunes and DVD Player. In DVD player the option for selecting Digital Output had appeared, and I chose that. When I take a look at the end of the cable I plug into the receiver I see a constant red light.

Yamaha-side: I have tried 2 different optical inputs, and gone over my settings several times. The receiver does not seem to detect digital audio coming in. I tried the Signal Info menu on my receiver, and for another source it output:

PCM, 48kHz, 2.0, Analog

On the optical input it says:

---, ---, 2.0, Analog

Intel Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.6)