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This ipod is locked. It has the lock icon on the top of the display even though the manual switch is in the unlock mode. No special password was setup on this ipod. What do I need to do to get it unlocked.

Dell Dimension, Windows XP Pro
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    Unless it's an iPhone or an iPod touch(which is basically an expensive iPhone knockoff), I suggest you send it back to Apple. Otherwise, I'd inquire ATT.
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    Hey Thanks for the suggestion.. I just restored to original factory but still the locked icon remains on and no functionality. IPOD is 18 mos. old and Apple is not going to warranty it. Buy a new one is the answer from them. Just trying to find out if anyone else has experienced this locked out problem. Seems like the lock switch may be broken and not unlocking the ipod. No one else experience this problem ?
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    Seems like the lock switch may be broken and not unlocking the ipod. No one else experience this problem ?

    Have you tried the search function at the top right corner of this page? It's a problem that's cropped up several times before and you may find a solution.

    You should search a different forum though because you don't have an iPod Classic.
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    had the same exact problem. I opened ipod and found a circuit unplugged. i plugged it in and now it works fine. be careful opening ipod. pry it open slowly. circuit is in the top left portion of casing. good luck.
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    How did you get to open the ipod? I'm having the same problem, the lock icon is showing even though is unlocked. When to the store for technical help but since is out of warranty, their solution was "Buy another one".

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    This may or may not work for you. I found it on a CNet posting: http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-10165_7-5643378-1.html

    Opening the case
    Turn off the iPod, and place the hold button on (so that orange is showing). Insert the edge of your tool of choice vertically between the plastic and the metal, next to the FireWire port. Insert the tool as far as you can, then slide it up and around the sharp metal upper-left corner of the iPod until it's about 10mm from the edge. At this point, pry up and release the first of the five clips (on the left side) holding the two case halves together.

    Once you've released the first clip, continue to slide the blade down the side of the iPod, and the remaining four clips will come apart fairly easily. With one side of the iPod case released, you can now lift the plastic case half away from the metal portion. With it will come all the electronic components, in one unit. Congratulations--your iPod is now open!