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My ipod nano was formatted and music downloaded from Mac. Now have windows pc and cannot sync it unless format ipod with windows. Any way to avoid losing all music on ipod?

Windows Vista
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    If your iPod is formatted for Mac it won't run natively on a PC because Windows operating systems don't recognize Mac OS-formatted disks (HFS or HFS Plus formats). There are third party programs that will allow you to use a Mac formatted iPod on Windows. XPlay for instance gets good reviews and has the added functionality to let you copy your songs back to iTunes. Once you have your songs saved to the PC you can go ahead and restore the iPod for Windows. You can get XPlay at this link: XPlay 2
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    Thanks for this but checked it out and 'XPlay requires a Windows XP (32-bit), 2000, Me or 98SE-based computer' - i am using Vista. Looks like it can't be used. Any other programmes you are aware of?
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    Not that I know of. The same company have a product called MacDrive it is more general and lets you access various types of Mac formatted drives on Windows such as CDs, DVDs, hard drives etc. I don't think it would be of help with what you want to do. A new version of XPlay for Vista is planned for release later this year