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I have an older iMac and am able to open it up with just a screw driver, but the newer Intel iMac my wife bought about a year ago seems to need a special tool to open it. I like to be able to change hard drives if needed. How can I obtain one of these small hex looking tools? Is it something any hardware store would have? Also, I'd hate to have to lug in a computer just to size a tool to open it. Any idea what it's called and the size of it?


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    If the hole in the fastener is a six-sided star with points it requires a TORX bit, and they are available in any hardware store. If the hole in the fastener head is a six-sided hexagon with straight sides it requires an ALLEN key. Both of these tool bit types are available in Metric as well as SAE so make sure you get Metric, which is the planetary standard everywhere in this solar system except for a few really backward countries.
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    Thanks a bunch. A TORX T8 tool works great.